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We live in a world where geographical location is hardly an obstacle for someone searching for love. No longer you’re limited to your immediate surrounding when it comes to finding your partner. People from all over the world use the power of the internet to expand their horizons and increase chances of finding someone special. For example, lots of western men are looking for Ukraine girlfriend.

 Eastern European women have been increasingly popular during the last two decades or so, and lots of men on international dating sites search specifically for Slavic ladies. Ukrainian girls are considered a great wife material, especially for someone with traditional family values. Perhaps you should start searching in this direction, too. Here we’ve gathered ten signs that clearly indicate that you should start looking for a Ukrainian girlfriend.

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You prefer an old-fashioned approach to courtship

If you’re one of those old world gentlemen who love to treat their woman like a princess, a Ukrainian girl is the right pick for you. Women in Ukraine like the old-fashioned approach to courtship, especially at the initial stage of a romantic relationship. They love it when a man opens and closes doors for them, helps them to put on their coat, pays bills in cafes and restaurants, carry their bags if they’re heavy and so on.

If femininity is one of the traits you’d like your soul mate to possess, go for a Ukrainian girlfriend. With her, you’ll have all the chances to feel like a knight in shining armour, prince charming and Mr. Right three in one!

You like to take the leading role in a relationship

The majority of Ukrainian women of all ages prefer a man to take a leading role in a romantic relationship. More than that, lots of them truly enjoy the “hunter-prey” dating game. A man is supposed to be decisive, purposeful, inventive, strong, and a good decision maker. The ability to take the lead is considered a proof of one’s masculinity.

 No one wants to have a meek, submissive and hesitant man at their side. With all that, you’re not supposed to be aggressive or overly dominative either.

A woman should feel safe, comfortable and secure with you. Ukrainian girls need someone who would be like a “stone wall” to shelter them from the storms of life.

You like to give flowers to your girl

Women all over the world like to receive flowers, but in Ukraine it’s virtually a compulsory ritual a girl expects you to perform. If you don’t give flowers, a woman would think you don’t care for her enough and don’t take their relationship seriously. There are lots of flower delivery services in every large Ukrainian city, so it won’t be difficult for you to order a wonderful bouquet for a woman you like.

It’s recommended to bring flowers on your first date and then keep giving bouquets from time to time in order to demonstrate your affections. It would be great if you find out your girls’ preferences in flowers, but in any case try to surprise her with an original and beautiful floral arrangement. Also, there are a few things you should remember concerning the way they give flowers in Ukraine:

  • Avoid giving the even number of flowers. It’s extremely important, because it’s acceptable only for funerals.
  • Yellow flowers can signify a separation, so perhaps you should explore some other possibilities.
  • Red roses are a cliché. Try to express your feelings with other flowers, either local or exotic ones. Young girls will love daisies, tulips, snowdrops or pansies. Mature ladies will appreciate orchids, chrysanthemums, lilies and so on.
Beautiful Ukrainian girl looking for a partner abroad

You are ready to start a family

If you feel you’re ready to become a family man and you’d like to meet someone equally family-oriented, start looking for Ukraine girlfriend. A Ukrainian woman won’t waste time on someone who hasn’t decided yet what they want in the future. If she agrees to go on a date with you, she already thinks of you as a potential life partner. Family is the first priority for the majority of Ukrainian girls, even if they are brilliantly educated and successful in their professional fields. They are excellent mothers and wives, and they tend to get married young – in their early twenties. It won’t take a Ukrainian woman a decade to decide whether she’s ready to tie the knot.

You’re a foodie

If you like tasty, nutritious food which is also healthy at the same time, it’s a clear indication that you should start looking for Ukraine girlfriend. The majority of Ukrainian women are excellent cooks, and you’ll be able to taste all sort of amazing dishes of the local cuisine. And if you’re lucky to marry a Ukrainian girl, these amazing dishes will become part of your daily menu. Forget of buying readymade frozen dinners – with a Ukrainian wife you’ll always have freshly cooked delicious meals on the table.

You like the sound of exotic girls’ names

A great number of Ukrainian names for girls sound very unusual for a western ear. Of course, there are lots of women with international names like Anna, Natalie or Maria in Easter Europe. But there are also very beautiful and melodious names like Zoryana, Bogdana, Milana, Darina and so on. Calling your girlfriend one of these sweet names would be a treat.

You’re fascinated with Slavic culture and languages

If you’re a big fan of Russian or Ukrainian language, Eastern European literature or Slavic traditions and customs, start looking for Ukraine girlfriend right away. Lots of present day Ukrainian girls are very well-read and intelligent, so you’ll have a chance to discuss subjects like descriptions of nature in short stories of Turgenev or tragic destiny of a “small person” in Dostoyevsky’s novels. Also, she’ll teach you some basic Russian or Ukrainian in no time, and you’ll have so much fun talking back to her in her mother tongue.

Romantic relationship with a beautiful and intelligent Ukrainian woman

You’re not frightened by the idea of a long distant relationship

Living in two different counties, or perhaps even parts of the world, you and your Ukrainian girlfriend will have to keep the fire burning while dating online. If you find his kind of relationship rather charming, go for it by all means. They say it’s rather challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun to exchange mails and messages, set up Skype dates, send gifts and flowers, play online games together and so on.

And the excitement of rare meetings in real life can hardly be compared to anything else. Besides, online dating is only a temporary variation of your relationship if you’re serious about marrying a Ukrainian woman. Both of you will remember this wonderful time for years to come.

You expect your special one to be really good-looking

If you’re rather picky when it comes to a girl’s appearance, in Ukraine you’ll be spoiled for choice. Slavic women are known to be extremely good-looking due to the great genetic pool, consistent self-care and inborn sense of style. If you’d like to have someone looking like a model at your side, Ukraine is the right place to search for a girlfriend.

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You want your relationship to last

If you’re tired from jumping from one relationship to another, if you’d like to find someone devoted and serious about commitments, go for a Ukrainian girlfriend by all means. Women in this part of the world are still appreciative of serious, long-term relationships.

These are only come of the signs that should start looking for Ukraine girlfriend. Even if she doesn’t end up marrying you, it will be a wonderful experience you’ll never regret. The first step is to join a trustworthy international dating* site and stat searching for beautiful and smart ladies from Ukraine. This new chapter of your life is bound to be exciting, all the best in your love life!

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