Beautiful women for marriage in Ukraine: how to choose presents for them?

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If you’ve recently joined an international dating site, you’ve noticed how many beautiful women for marriage there are from Ukraine. They are famed for their beauty, traditional values and intellect, so it comes as no surprise if you intend to date one of them. A long distance relationship with a Ukrainian woman is a fascinating and rewarding experience, and meeting her face-to-face in real life is even more so.

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And you haven’t even begun to imagine the positive changes in your life after you marry a girl from Ukraine. But to make all that come true, you have to win her heart, and it’s no easy task when dating online. To keep the fire burning, you should use all the communication tools available on the site, set up Skype dates, and send her flowers and gifts.

Gift giving traditions are not in Ukraine are pretty similar to those in the rest of the world, but there are still certain things you need to know in order to avoid mistakes and create an unforgettable impressions.

Best gifts for a Ukrainian woman when dating online

Special occasions for sending gifts

There are several special occasions for sending gifts you should remember if you are courting a Ukrainian woman. It’s not compulsory to give any presents, but if you want to please her and demonstrate the depth of your feelings, there is nothing wrong in sending a gift to the woman you like. It will be a proof that you think of her and take your relationship seriously. So these are the special occasions to send gifts to beautiful women for marriage in Ukraine:

Women’s day

Women’s day is celebrated on the 8th of March, and it’s one of the major festivals in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. It’s given much more importance to the Women’s day in Ukraine than to St. Valentine’s in the west, and that’s for good reason. Originally it was celebrated as a day of equality between men and women, when the latter got the right to vote.

These days it’s more about celebrating femininity, motherhood, beauty, the beginning of spring and awakening of nature. If a man doesn’t give his wife or girlfriend a bouquet of flowers on the 8th of March, he’s in serious trouble. Flowers are usually clubbed with gifts, which vary from something as symbolic as a box of chocolates of something as opulent and expensive as a diamond necklace.

We would suggest giving single Ukrainian ladies you like something meaningful and significant on the 8th of March. It could be a book she likes, but in English. Or a DVD you’re planning to watch together one day. A plush toy is also a good idea.

If she’s an avid gardener, give her a pretty potted plant. If she’s fond of travelling, it will be pleasant for her to receive any sort of travel accessories. As for flowers, go for tulips, daffodils, mimosas or snowdrops – these are all spring flowers that symbolize a new beginning. You can use the facilities of a dating site (lots of them offer a vast array of gifts for Ukrainian women), or check out the local flower and gift delivery services.

Presents for pretty Ukrainian women when having a long distance relationship

Her birthday

If you’re serious about one of the beautiful women for marriage, them remembering her birthday is a must. You can simply call her and send a pretty ecard, but if you want to make her day special by sending her a lovely gift, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do so. The choice of a present depends on many factors: how serious your relationship is, your budget, her likes and dislikes, and so on. Some of the most acceptable gifts may include:

  • Accessories (a purse, a beautiful scarf, or a decorative belt).
  • Cosmetics and perfumes (if you know her preferences).
  • Jewellery (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or pendants. Avoid giving rings unless it’s an engagement ring).
  • Gadgets (a Kindle is an excellent gift if she’s an avid reader).
  • Kitchen appliances (but only if she’s fond of cooking).
  • Something for her hobby (great set of paints for an artist, a potted plant for a gardener, a pair of trainers shoes for a jogger and so on).

Don’t forget to include a nice card with your words of affection and appreciation – women love with their ears, so it’s a great occasion to express your feelings.

New Year

Unlike in the west, Christmas is a minor holiday in Ukraine compared to New Year. You can still send her wishes on Christmas, but it’s up to you. Remember though that in Ukraine and other Eastern European counties they celebrate Christmas two weeks after the rest of the world – on the 7th of January.

In any case, Ukrainians focus on celebrating New Year instead – this is hands down the most spectacular holiday in Eastern Europe. People decorate their homes, install New Year tree and wait for presents from Father Frost (a Slavic equivalent of Santa Clause).

If you’d like to make her New Year holidays even more special , send her an appropriate gift. The ideal option would be to send something to show that you really care for her. It doesn’t have to be something expensive – even a pair of pretty mittens to keep her hands worm will serve the purpose.

St. Valentine’s Day

Although St. Valentine’s Day has becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine, lots of people don’t take it seriously. In any case, beautiful women for marriage usually don’t fall into this category, and they will certainly expect their flowers, chocolates and words of love on the Valentine ’s Day.

You can send beautiful Ukrainian women a bar of the best chocolate from your country along with a CD with your favourite romantic soundtracks. She is sure to appreciate a gesture like this. AS for flowers, order them locally, due to the obvious reasons.

Roses will do perfectly well on the Valentine’s Day. If you’re deeply in love with a woman and she returns your feelings, go for red roses – they speak volumes about your feelings. If you’re still getting to know each other, send pink or white roses instead. It’s important to remember that yellow colour is better avoided when it comes to choosing flowers for a woman you’re interested in – it’s often associated with an inevitable upcoming separation.

Presents for a Ukrainian woman on special occasions

What should you do if a woman asks for expensive gifts?

If beautiful women for marriage on international dating sites are serious about finding a decent life partner, they are more interested in getting to know you than getting any sort of gifts. If a girl asks you for money or exorbitantly expensive gift, you should think twice whether having a romantic relationship with her is a wise thing to do.

There are lots of scammers on dating platforms, especially on free and pay-per-letter sites. You should never send money to someone you haven’t met face-to-face. Some goes for expensive presents. It’s in bad taste to ask for a gift in any case, let alone and expensive one.

What sort of gifts should you avoid?

Slavic people usually avoid giving watches to someone they care for – it’s believed that your relationship will not last long, Also, sharp objects like knives and scissors should be avoided – they bring misfortunes and bad luck. Don’t give anything for personal hygiene, weight loss or anti-aging effect – a girl you talk to online may think you don’t like the way she looks. Anyway, there are very few taboos when it comes to giving gifts in Ukraine –just use your common sense and you’ll void mistakes.

Some final words

These were just some recommendations on giving gifts to beautiful women for marriage in Ukraine. However, you shouldn’t follow them blindly – just listen to your heart and do what you think is going to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. Experiments and improvisations are always welcome in a romantic relationship. Don’t be scared to make a mistake when giving gifts – after all , it’s the thought that counts.

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