Dating Kharkov women during your stay in Ukraine

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If you’ve been thinking of meeting the woman of your dreams in Ukraine, perhaps you’re not sure what city you should focus upon. Well, the good news is that there are plenty of beautiful and sophisticated ladies in every large city and small town of Ukraine. However, Kharkov women could be the best option for someone who’s new to the while international dating thing.

If you visit the country for the first time, it’s strongly recommended to aim for the cities with developed infrastructure. You don’t want to spend your precious time in Ukraine searching for a decent place to stay, to eat and do your daily shopping. Also, you’d prefer to have some people around who speak reasonable English, and there are more chances to find such people in a big city like Kharkov.

The city has lots of advantages to offer to a newcomer who’s interested in getting to know beautiful Ukrainian ladies and start a romantic long lasting relationship with one of them. Ladies in Kharkov can be described as progressive and traditional at the same time, so you can easily find someone who is educated and ambitious, but also family oriented, loving and devoted.

Kharkov women looking for romance and marriage abroad

Why Kharkov is such an attractive option?

Generally speaking, Kharkov is the second best option after Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Firstly, it’s the question of scale and numbers. A large city has more options to offer in terms of places to visit and things to see and do. There are plenty of opportunities to set up a perfect day in Kharkov.

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Besides, the bustling city boasts a special charm and exudes energetic, youthful vibes. It used to be the third largest educational centre in the Soviet Union, and there are still plenty of universities, institutes, colleges and other educational establishments that attract young people from all over the country.

You can meet some of the most educated, progressive and sophisticated girls in Kharkov, and starting a romantic relationship with one of them would be a rewarding experience no matter whether you end up marrying her or not. Having a degree is encouraged in the Ukrainian society, so the majority of girls choose to continue their education after graduating from high school.

Why should you choose Kharkov for dating women?

With so many young women coming to study and work in Kharkov, it’s easier to approach them and to ask them out. There are plenty of quirky cafes, luxury restaurants and cosy nooks and corners in the city to set u p a perfect date. Some of the best eateries to invite Kharkov women to include “Imbirnyj Pryanik”, “Fortuna” and “Paris” – don’t forget to check them out when in the city.

Besides, there is an amazing street life in Kharkov, so walking along the city streets is a wonderful experience in itself. For architecture buffs, it has some of the nicest churches and cathedrals to offer, along with the remnants of Soviet brutalism architecture and impressive contemporary structure. You can always visit museums and art-galleries to learn more about the local culture.

If you visit the city in warm season, perhaps you’d like to invite your date to one of the local parks or botanical gardens. Walking hand in hand with someone special and admiring the flowering plants is one of the most romantic things to do in the city. In winter, you can invite Kharkov women to the skating-rink – there is a lovely one in the city.

Dating beautiful girls in Kharkov on your trip to Ukraine

Safety and affordability

Kharkov is a very safe city for a foreigner to visit. Of course, you should watch your belongings and be aware of pickpockets, but this is something you should do in a big city anywhere in the world. Other than that, there is very little possibility to fall for a scam or be robbed in Kharkov.

Also, prices are significantly lower in Kharkov than in Kiev, so it’s really the place to go if you wish to stretch your dollar. There are plenty of affordable hotels, home stays and apartments in the city, and you’ll be able to choose a place according to your requirements and budget.

Meals are also inexpensive in the local cafes and restaurants, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to taste all the dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine you’ve heard of. Make sure to order borscht, mlyntsi, golubtsi, varenyki and pampushki.

Why should you consider dating Kharkov women?

As mentioned above, Kharkov women represent a unique combination of progressive views and traditional family values. Lots of them study in the best educational establishments in the country and pursue brilliant careers. They are smart, sophisticated and exceedingly interesting to talk to. You can discuss every subject under the sun with a Ukrainian woman from Kharkov, and she will always have something valuable to say on the subject.

At the same time, these women tend to prioritize marriage, motherhood and family life above everything else in the universe. They’ll always choose being a wife and a mother over their professional accomplishments. However, they are perfectly capable of juggling work and kids, if needed.

They don’t mind letting a man playing the leading role in a relationship, being a breadwinner and a decision maker. With one of the Kharkov women, you’ll feel like a man once again, and this is something an average western girl cannot offer you this days. Apart from that, women from Kharkov possess a vast array of other positive character traits you’re bound to appreciate. Some of them include:

The ability of working through problems

Kharkov women are not quitters. If there are problems in your relationship, they’ll try their best to find a good solution. Generally speaking, Easter European girls are used to challenging situations in life, and it’s not easy to intimidate an average Ukrainian woman.

This is partially due to the unstable economic situation in the country, and also due to the skewed male to female ratio. It’s not easy to find a decent boyfriend or husband for a woman in Kharkov, and she would rather search work through a problem than break up with him.

Meet beautiful Kharkov women for a romantic relationship


Ukrainian girls believe in the romantic idea of eternal love. Needless to say, this kind of love happens only once in a lifetime, according to them. That’s why it’s highly unlikely that a woman from Kharkov will cheat on you. Relationships are taken seriously in this part of Europe.

If a girl form Kharkov agrees to date you, it means she considers a possibility of starting a family with you and living happily ever after. If you marry her, you and your future kids will become the centre of her universe, and she will do her best for everyone in this universe to feel loved and appreciated. And of course, it goes without saying that she expects the same kind of treatment in return.

Sense of responsibility

The majority of Kharkov women are very responsible. Any of them will make for a reliable life partner. A person like this will always consider all the possible outcomes before making a decision. There is very little chance that your gorgeous Ukrainian bride from Kharkov will try to scam you. You’re a guest in her country, and she’ll feel responsible as a host to give you a good time.

Adventurous spirit

If you’re fond of travelling, there is no better companion than an Eastern European woman. She’s inquisitive, adventurous and curious about the world. A girl from Kharkov will easily adapt in your country if you actually end up marrying her and starting a family.

These are only some of the advantages you can count on when dating Kharkov women during your stay in Ukraine. Needless to say, every one’s experience is different, and your love story is going to be like nobody else’s. Enjoy your international dating experience!

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