Find a bride in USA – are there any Ukrainian girls in your city?

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If you’ve decided to marry a woman from Eastern Europe, perhaps you’re wondering where to start from. Generally speaking, a man is supposed to join an international dating site, contact a woman he likes best and date her online for a certain period of time. Then he would make a trip to Ukraine, and they would decide whether there is a chance for them for a happy future together. But the truth is, handing a long distance relationship is no easy task, and there are people who can’t imagine dating someone who’s thousands of miles away. However, you can also find a bride in USA if you’re lucky – there are lots of beautiful Ukrainian ladies in every major American city.

Eastern European girls in the United States for dating and marriage

Meeting a Ukrainian woman who lives in the USA is a wonderful solution for someone who’s attracted by the idea of having a life partner from Eastern Europe. Eastern European women are exceedingly popular for a reason – men from all over the globe consider them a wonderful wife material for the unique combination of external beauty, outstanding intelligence and traditional family values.

A Ukrainian woman who lives in the USA possesses all these traits, and you have the added advantage of dating her right there in your home city. You don’t have to buy expensive air tickets, pay for hotel stays and experience all sort of culture clashes in a new county. Besides, she speaks an excellent English, so you don’t have to deal with a language barrier either.

How can you find Ukrainian women in the USA?

You may think it’s no easy task to locate a Ukrainian girl in the United States, but in the world of today, when all the information is at your fingertips, it’s much easier than one would imagine.

Dating sites

One way to find a bride in USA who is originally from Ukraine in your home town is to join the same international dating sites you would have joined if you were willing to start a long-distance relationship with someone living in Easter Europe. Then use the filter tool on the site to locate Ukrainian women living in the United States.

It’s strongly recommended to select international dating sites with caution. Don’t go for free sites as they are often set up as a hub for scammers of all sorts. Pay-per-letter sites are better avoided, too. You’ll end up paying for every letter you send or receive, for every minute of a video chat and audio call.

Besides, it’s not allowed to exchange contact details on these sites, which is absolutely crazy in the world of today. You can ask a girl for her email address and phone number only after meeting her in person.

So the right way to go about it is to join a reputable dating site with a paid membership. You’ll get an unlimited access to a huge database of women’s profiles, and you can contact as many of them as you wish. There is an option to talk to the girls you like on the site – usually they provide a vast array of communication tools. You can also take your correspondence off the site whenever you wish.

Make sure to put together a winning profile and upload a nice picture or two. Beautiful women are very popular on these sites, so you’d better stand out of the crowd if you’re determined to find a bride in USA.

Meet Ukrainian girls in the USA for a romantic relationship

Facebook Groups

Another way to get to know Ukrainian girls in the United States is to join Facebook groups focused upon Ukrainian communities in the US. While not all the women there are interested in getting married or starting a romantic relationship, you can still make friends and ask them to introduce you to someone suitable.

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Reaching out to the Ukrainian girls in the United States

Go through all the profiles of Ukrainian women who stay in the US. Read what they have to say about themselves and their potential partner. Think whether you fit into these parameters. Try to figure out whether you have something in common.

Then contact up to five girls you like best. If they reply in the affirmative, exchange a few mails and see whether they still hold your interest. If they do, it’s time to take things offline. Ask a girl for her phone number and ask her out. There is no need to write letter for months on end – she’s in her home country, so make sure to take advantage of that!

Why do Ukrainian girls live in the USA?

After the USSR ceased to exist, it’s not so difficult for people from Ukraine to get to the US. A person may travel, study, work or reside permanently in the United States of America.


A lot of young girls come to the US to take a University course. There are different programs by which students get to study in each other’s countries for a certain period of time. These courses allow a person from Ukraine to live in the USA, study with international students, travel across the country, improve their language skills and get to know the local lifestyle. Usually these programs are designed for young people (17 to 25 years old).

If you find the age difference with such a young girl acceptable, you can try getting in touch with one of these students and see whether they’re interested in dating. Quite a few American men have tried this way to find a bride in USA and succeeded.

Generally speaking, Ukrainian girls don’t mind having a romantic relationship with a man who’s ten years older. It goes without saying that a man should be energetic, healthy and good-looking if he is planning to get a Ukrainian date and have a romantic relationship with a much younger woman. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to keep up with her.

Working as an Au Pair

Working as an Au Pair in American families is another convenient way to stay in the country. A young Ukrainian girl would live with an American family while helping them with the chores and looking after their kids.

She has a place to stay, food and pocket money, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the country and the local people. Au Pair girls usually visit a language school in order to improve their English or take some other course in the local educational establishment. They also do lots of sightseeing and day trips from the city they live in.

If you’d like to find a bride in USA, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get to know one of these girls. Some of them, by the way, participate in the Au Pair program for many years and even get to stay in the USA on permanent basis.

Staying in the country after divorce

There is also a category of Ukrainian women who live in the United States of America who came to the country on a fiancée or spouse visa. They were married to the local American guys, but things went wrong for one reasons or the other, and everything ended up with a divorce.

A divorced woman usually has a choice of either staying in the USA, especially if she has kids, or returning to Ukraine. In great many cases, women prefer to stay in the US.


More than that, you can even find girls of the Ukrainian origin who were born and raised in the USA. Their parents or even grandparents emigrated to the US decades ago and made this country their home. However, they would still bring their children up as they would do in their homeland.

Ukrainian girl in the United States for dating with a local man

A Ukrainian girl who was born in the United States would still possess all the distinctive character traits that men from all over the globe find so admirable. She would have traditional family values and favour old fashioned gender roles.

She would be a great homemaker and an excellent cook. She would have a fairly large home library and be fond of reading. So if you’re determined to find a bride in USA, try to find Ukrainian families in your home town.

Some final words

As you can see, dating online and travelling all the way to Eastern Europe is not the only way of getting to know a Ukrainian girl and starting a romantic relationship with her. If you’re sure a long distance relationship is not your thing, check out whether you can find your perfect match in your home town.

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  1. I am looking for a Ukrainian girl 25 to 40 that lives in United States. I live in Antioch California preferably somewhere nearby if possible.

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