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If you think that having a romantic relationship with someone from another country is expensive, there is free Ukrainian dating for you. Yes, there are dating sites where you don’t have to pay anything at all. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, and perhaps it’s really so. But there is no harm in trying. So this is what you need about free Ukrainian sites.

Choose a dating site with caution

Find a compatible girl for dating and marriage on a free Ukrainian dating site

When you go for a free dating site, you should make sure it’s relatively safe to use it. No one will run a site out of goodness of their heart. If they offer services for free, perhaps there are other ways to separate you from our hard earned dollars. Well sometimes they find relatively harmless methods to monetize their sites like advertising, affiliate marketing, brand promotion and so on. But it’s not unusual for a free dating site to be set up as a scam. These are some of the warning signals when you join free Ukrainian site:

  • You are bombarded with short messages the moment you join the site. If you start receiving messages from beautiful Ukrainian ladies as soon as you put up your profile, most probably the site is using bots. These messages are sent automatically, and if you start replying, a real person will take over the conversation. Needless to say, this person won’t be the one you see on the photo.
  • You receive love letters and lots of sweet words from girls after a couple of weeks since you start talking. If you feel a girl falls in love with you too soon, most probably it’s a cause for concern. It takes time to fall in love with someone, especially over the internet.
  • There are plenty of bikini and lingerie shots. If you see lots of alluring photos of beautiful girls in lingerie, it’s definitely a warning signal. Ukrainian women are exceedingly attractive, and wearing sexy outfits is not uncommon among them, but they always know their limits. A Ukrainian woman may look seductive, but she won’t look vulgar or inappropriate.
  • You are requested for money. If a woman is genuinely interested in a romantic relationship with a man, she won’t ask him for financial assistance, especially if she’s never seen him face to face. Money matters cheapen and devalue relationships between people. You should remember to never send money to people you haven’t met in real life, no matter how fond you are of the girl who asks you for financial support.

Why is it recommended to go for a site with a paid membership?

If you’d like to avoid all the problems we’ve mentioned above, it’s strongly recommended to go for a paid site instead. Don’t get us wrong, it’s possible to find the love of your life on a free Ukrainian dating site, but it will take you a lot of time, effort and caution. Free sites are not moderated, and there are plenty of inactive and fake profiles.

Paid sites, on the other hand, offer you a decent level of protection against scammers and fraudsters. They also have a large database of profiles of real Ukrainian girls for marriage and lots of communication tools to make your online dating experience a positive and diverse one. As for payment, it’s usually rather negligible. It won’t make a difference to someone with a western scale of earnings.

Is it expensive to date a Ukrainian woman?

Beautiful Ukrainian women searching for dating, love and lifelong commitments abroad

Simply put, it’s not expensive at all. You see, when you date someone online, everything happens online. You don’t have to pay for expensive candlelit dinners in fancy restaurants, you don’t have to go to the movies and concerts, you don’t have to arrange costly romantic trips. Everything you need is only your computer or smartphone, and internet connection.

That’s it! This is exactly the reason why so many people find a long distance relationship difficult to handle – you don’t have anything from the outer world to amuse you and your girlfriend. Keeping your relationship interesting is only up to the two of you. You can write emails to each other, talk over the phone, make video calls via Skype, text sweet messages to each other and so on.

If you compare the cost of this sort of free Ukrainian dating to the cost of having a romantic relationship with a girl in your home town, you’ll be amazed by how affordable it is. In spite of common belief, it’s not expensive to date someone from another country – it’s actually so much cheaper than dating a local girl.

Are there any expenses at all?

Well, apart from your membership (if you choose a paid website), there is hardly any expense at all. Of course, you can send your gorgeous Ukrainian bride an occasional gift or a bunch of flowers – it’s sure to put a smile on her face. Gifts are meant to show your affection and care for someone, not the size of your wallet.

More than that, sending an expensive gift might be frowned upon – a girl must not feel that you’re trying to buy her. That’s why it’s highly recommended to send something small and sweet – something that has a special meaning for both of you. Otherwise, an ordinary plush bear or a basket of fruits will do perfectly well.

There are plenty of gift and flower delivery services in the Ukrainian cities, so you can easily use one of them. Also, check out whether your dating website offer such services, too. A typical Ukrainian dating website offers a heap of additional services, including translations, gift delivery, airport transfers and so on. Other than that, free Ukrainian dating is really free.

How to reduce the cost of your trip to Ukraine?

Free Ukrainian dating sites for finding the woman of your dreams

Needless to say, when time comes to make a trip to Ukraine, you’ll have to shell out some money. The biggest expense is buying your air tickets, of course. Check out all the options and choose the airlines that offer the cheapest flights. Even if you have to deal with a long layover, it’s worth it if your budget is very limited. Also, if you’re sure about the dates of your journey, try to book your tickets well in advance – this way you will save a significant amount.

As for place to stay, they tend to charge less for hotels and rented apartments away from the city centre. However, you should look for a hotel in your girlfriend’s neighbourhood If she happens to live in the centre, there is no use living in the opposite end of the city – you’re going to spend lots of time and money on reaching her place every day. And if she can accommodate her in her place, so much the better! However, you shouldn’t insist on this option or even ask her about it. If she has an option to do so, she’ll offer it on her own accord.

You can also save on your meals. Prices are very affordable in Ukraine, and it won’t cost you much to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner in a nice cafe nearby your apartment. But if you feel it’s expensive, it’s always possible to buy products in the closest supermarket and cook on your own. Ask your girlfriend to teach you cook a few dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine – you’ll be amazed at how simple and delicious they are.

A bit of advice

If you decide to marry your Eastern European girlfriend, free Ukrainian dating will stop being free. You’ll have to handle some legalities, including her fiancée visa, official translations of various documents and so on. Then, of course, she’ll move to your country, and it’s strongly recommended to cover her travelling expenses.

It’s ridiculous to expect a woman whose salary ten times smaller than yours to pay for her air tickets in order to come to your country and marry you. So while you date her online, start saving a bit on a monthly basis, because in the end of the day, expenses are inevitable if you are serious about settling down and starting a family with a wife and kids.

So as you can see, free Ukrainian dating offers you a wonderful opportunity to have a romantic relationship with a lovely Slavic lady without braking the bank. Use this chance, you’ll never regret it!

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