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For the most part, Ukrainian girls are different from each other. That is why there are no uniform rules on how to enjoy success with a female, how to date a girl. Each of the ladies will have to look for their own approach.

Historically, men were the strong sex, pioneers, leading, courageous, guiding, giving, so the initiative in a relationship should come from men. When meeting with Ukrainian girls, a man is better to forget all that nonsense about emancipation and gender equality, about which so much is written on the forums. The woman was, remains and will be led, in spite of any regalia and achievements. In addition, if a man wants to be successful and realize himself in this life, all that is required of him is to make his woman happy.

Ukrainian girls are looking for strong men

Ukrainian girls expect from a man that he will always be ahead on all fronts. Women like it when a man understands Forex strategies, the principles of the jet engine, and also knows eight languages. Ukrainian girls are important beacon, pointer, the level that sets a man and to which we need to grow and develop. This does not mean that a woman with zeal will begin to study the dynamics of fluctuations in the exchange rate on the stock exchange, but the realization that the man has high intelligence pushes the girl to self-development in her field. The girl should be behind the man’s shoulder, behind the husband. Only this will make her happy!

Ukrainian girls want to meet a sensitive man

Ukrainian girls are very controversial – on the one hand, they want tenderness, understanding and romance, on the other – they dream of a strong man with severely compressed lips and steel jaws. What women call romance and tenderness, in fact, means that they expect attentiveness from men.

Not just attention, but mindfulness. This means – remembering what flowers the girl likes, what kind of tea or coffee she prefers, that she loves certain chocolate, and not the first one that comes from a shelf in a store. Ukrainian girls do not need to flap wings over them and every minute find out if they froze during a walk in the winter in the park. Better, breathe in the palm of your hand, pull your large gloves on their hands and take them to the coffeehouse to warm themselves with tea.

Modern Ukrainian girls are reverent about their role in society and often categorically reject the postulate “a woman’s place in the family.” This is precisely the man’s task – to make sure that a woman can do what she loves without harming herself, her man and her children.

Ukrainian girls do not want to know anything about ex-girlfriends

Ukrainian girls value action, not words

It is important to know every man! Love means not only words, but also actions! No verbal trills and outpourings will say more about love than a specific act. If a man wants to be with Ukrainian girls, you don’t need to like her photo on Facebook or write the message “I miss you” and so on. Women do not believe to words, they believe to deeds. An invitation to a restaurant or a bouquet of flowers is also not an action; it is just a sign of attention. However, replenishing her card for 200 hryvnias, buying food for her dog, or a trip to Lvov, where she dreamed of visiting, – that is already manly. Yes, women are materialists – just do not confuse this with commercialism, this is not about the relationship “he pays – she dances,” we are talking about male care for the woman he loves.

Ukrainian girls do not like to hear about other women

A man should never say a word or a sound about former women and his shared past with them. A man should not talk about where he rested, how he had sex, how she lost weight, and that she could not stand jazz. Ukrainian girls do not want to know anything about ex-girlfriends, it is not must concern them! However, the truth is, it happens that some not very self-confident ladies themselves pull out veins from men with a request to tell about the ex-lover. Ukrainian girls love when men are stronger and smarter than they are. Therefore, they choose a husband for a long time and are so demanding of others.

In this case, the man must make it clear that the past is the past, which he is grateful to the former woman for having a new relationship with her today.

If it happened that a man from a past relationship has a child, of course, he will automatically draw into a new life conversations with the mention of an ex-woman. Perhaps the man will have a hard time between the two fires, but he will win in the eyes of both women if he keeps a balance and does not discuss either of them in the presence of the other.

Ukrainian girls choose well-groomed men

A man does not need to become a metrosexual, but, wanting to please Ukrainian girls, he needs to take care of himself. This primarily concerns odors. There are men whom even a strong antiperspirant does not help, but women are very good at distinguishing men by smell and can easily figure out when a man was taking a shower the last time. Let’s open a secret: some women really like it when a man smells naturally. Emphasis on “natural”, not on “smells”! Many men do not pay attention to their clothes – and this is very damp. No one requires a man to follow manic fashion precepts. Speaking of clothes, Ukrainian girls primarily mean the individual style of a man and neatness.

To win Ukrainian girls a man must be busy

An internally mature woman does not need a man who lives only with one love for her. Such love is called addiction, and its consequences are quite sad. In a man’s life, his main attachments should be distributed as follows: 40: 30: 25: 5 – business, woman, children, and the rest. It is important to note that this is not about work where a man spends time earning money, but rather about a business, that leads him through life, which gives him an impetus for development and movement, that keeps him constantly active in the area of responsibility (if business and work is one and the same, so you’re in luck). A woman inspires a man to do business.

Ukrainian girls do not need to flap wings over them

A man must take responsibility

It is difficult for any man. A man may be outraged, but what about the female part of responsibility? That’s right, both are responsible for the relationship. However, the woman has the role of a guardian in a couple, and the initiator is you and only you. What does this mean in practice? Everyone knows that most men do not like to hear at all, not what to do. To take responsibility means to make the beloved an honest woman: to marry her, not with a civil marriage, but to formally stamp the passport. What do you think? Only, please, do not hang noodles on your ears memorized “stamp is an unnecessary mark, everything is decided only by love”. Yes, that’s right. Nevertheless, if love is and the absence of a stamp is not an obstacle to it, then what can a stamp do to harm it? A man should know: there is no woman who would not want to get married. If Ukrainian girls say so, that means they have not met their man.

Ukrainian girls love when a man makes gifts

An ancient man brought a mammoth to his woman. Today, other artifacts play the role of a mammoth: depending on the state of the account and the capacity of a man’s wallet, this is a teddy bear or even the latest Audi model. It doesn’t matter how much money a man has in his pocket today: $ 100 or $ 10,000, he must invest it in the woman he has chosen! He must give gifts to Ukrainian girls, make surprises, pay her utility bills and Wishlist, and indulge her whims.

 If a man has a question about why he should give expensive gifts, this means only one and nothing else: this woman is not his! Because with the beloved and the right woman, such questions do not arise at all. There is a nuance: what if a woman is desirable. It is not the posing of the question that causes embarrassment, but only the discrepancy between her “want” and the capabilities of the man? Unfortunately, this means almost the same thing, but with a different connotation: it means that it is not yet for him.

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