How to set up a perfect date with a beautiful Ukraine girl?

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If you’re in a romantic relationship with a beautiful Ukraine girl, perhaps you’ve been wondering how to set up a perfect date or her. The truth is, women in Eastern Europe like pretty much the same things as women all round the world. What girl doesn’t like to be treated like a princess? If there is a real chemistry between the two of you and you know the basic rules of dating etiquette, you can’t go seriously wrong. However, there are some things you have to know if you want to impress your Ukrainian girlfriend.

Dating a smart and good-looking Ukrainian girl

Best places for a date with a beautiful Ukraine girl

It’s no secret that first dates are the most important as they give a girl the idea of what it’s like to be in a romantic relationship with you. That’s why you should be imaginative and inventive when it comes to selective places for dates. Of course, the very first time should be in a very cosy, romantic and quiet restaurant and cafe, so you could talk and get to know each other without any interference. After that, you can brainstorm some fun and romantic ideas.

Local park or botanical garden

The majority of women in Eastern Europe love nature, and would always prefer a walk or picnic in the local park to staying indoors. Invite your beautiful Ukraine girl for a stroll. Walking together hand in hand and listening to the sounds of nature is so touching and romantic. However, there is one thing to keep in mind – parks in Ukraine can be quite big, so make sure you don’t walk too much – your woman can find it rather tiring, especially if she wears high heels and spends time with you after a long working day. Make sure to grab some snacks on the way, or coffee, or ice-cream. Sit on the bench, have a nice conversation and enjoy the company of each other.

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Historical centre of the city

A historical centre of any city has a special charm. If the beautiful Ukraine girl you’re interested in is an architecture enthusiast or a history buff, then walking among the beautiful old building is something she’ll rally appreciate. Make sure you’ll have something smart to say about the architectural style of the buildings! Apart from sightseeing, old towns have lots of charming cafes and restaurants where you can make a break from extensive walking.


Lots of Ukrainian women are fond of arts, literature and theatre. Inviting her to watch a thought provoking and interesting play makes for an excellent dating option. It will give her a reason to dress up and demonstrate her perfect sense of style. Theatre exudes romance and old fashioned charm, and it will make you feel like in a fairy tale. Isn’t it a perfect setup for a date with someone special? After the play you could walk along the city streets or dine at a fine restaurant while discussing the performance and sharing your impressions.

The city planetarium

The stars have been fascinating the human kind for many generations. These days, unfortunately, it’s hard for city dwellers to spot any stars in the sky because of excessive and obtrusive lighting at night time. But it shouldn’t be an obstacle for a determined star gazer! Head to the planetarium with your beautiful Ukraine girl and watch the marvellous sky dotted with sparkling stars. The majority of Slavic women are romantic by nature, so she’s bound to love it. Also, she’ll appreciate your creative approach to choosing dating spots.

Dance studio

Places to visit when dating a Ukrainian woman

Going to a dance studio is a great alternative to visiting a night club. While the former is romantic and original, the latter is noisy and crowded. A typical nightclub can hardly be called a romantic place. Swirl in waltz, tango or pasodoble with your beautiful partner, and she’ll cherish the memories about this date for years to come. Even if your dancing skills leave much to be desired, consider learning some basic steps. After all it’s the thought that counts. When you invite a woman to a dancing studio, your aim is not to impress her with excellent dancing, but to get to know her and spend some time together. Dancing provides an excellent opportunity to be close to your partner, so the two of you could establish a special connection between each other.

What should you talk about?

In order to avoid awkward silence on a date with a beautiful Ukraine girl, think of the subjects to discuss in advance. If you’ve already talked via a Ukraine dating service, don’t hesitate using the information you already know.

Paying the girl some compliments is a great ice-breaker, but try to be a bit innovative and don’t limit yourself to a boring “you have beautiful eyes” statement.

Also, by asking her some fun questions you can keep her interested all through the evening. Here are a few examples:

  • Which era would you prefer to live in rather than today?
  • Where would you like to live if you could choose any place on the planet?
  • What was the best present you have ever received?
  • What was your best travel experience?
  • Do you listen to the voice of reason when making important decisions, or are guided by your heart?

Also, you can discuss family, friends, pets, work and studies, hobbies, likes and dislikes – the list is endless!

How to dress for a date with a Ukrainian woman?

Slavic girls give lots of importance to external looks, but it’s not a sign of being superficial. Most of them are perfectionists by nature, so they like everything to be flawless – the apartment should be perfectly clean, the dinner should be perfectly cooked, and yes, one’s appearance should be well cared of. Even if a girl’s income is just two or three hundred dollars a month, she’ll make sure to have stylish clothes, classy shoes and pretty hair-do.

When she goes for a date with someone, she spends a couple of hours getting ready and grooming herself. So it’s only natural if she expects some efforts from her partner as well. Make sure your clothes are neat, tidy and of good quality. Avoid dressing extra casually. By taking trouble to choose a proper outfit, you’ll let her know that a date with her is a special occasion for you.

Don’t forget flowers

All women around the world love flowers, but in Eastern Europe they seem to go a bit overboard where the flowers are concerned. When dating Ukrainian women, you’ll never go wrong if you show up with a bouquet.

Brining flowers when dating a pretty Ukrainian girl

It’s not recommended to bring red roses on your first date – you shouldn’t demonstrate too much feelings even before you get to know each other, otherwise a girl may find you too straightforward and pushy.

White or pink roses, on the other hand, are an excellent choice. Make sure the bouquet is not too big – she’ll have to carry it all evening long, after all. Alternatively, go or daisies, tulips, snowdrops or chrysanthemums. Avoid giving even number of flowers – it’s absolutely unacceptable in the Slavic culture. Also, giving yellow flowers is often considered a sign of upcoming separation.

Important things to remember

And lastly, here are a few important things to remember when dating a beautiful Ukraine girl:

  • Try to come in time. It’s the woman’s privilege to show up a bit later.
  • You’re expected to pay for coffees, dinners, movies tickets, taxis and so on. Spitting the bills is not part of dating etiquette in Ukraine, especially if a man is from a western country. Even if your girl has a stable job and regular income, the chances are she earns ten or twenty times less then you, so it would be unfair to expect her to pay for dinners and tickets.
  • Behave like a gentleman: hold the door for her, help her with a coat, carry her heavy bag and offer your hand when getting off a bus.
  • Pay her lots of compliments, but make sure they’re tasteful and charming. Crude and vulgar stuff is not acceptable even as a joke.

These are only a few tips to help you out when dating a beautiful Ukraine girl. But there is one important thing to remember – there is no universal recipe for a perfect date. The best thing you can do is to trust you intuition and listen to your inner voice.

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