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When we successfully fixed the stage of acquaintance and rapprochement, the question arises – how to spend time with a Ukrainian girl and to make her as comfortable as possible with you. This is a really important issue, for which you need to use all your skills and knowledge.

First of all, do not forget about your main indicators, which should constantly correspond to a high level. I hope you have not forgotten them and are constantly working on their development.

These are confidence, neatness, health, purposefulness, as well as kindness, attention, and affection – which you surround her with. Only after pumping your level and these main skills, you will be ready to spend time with the Ukrainian girl so that she will never forget it.

Getting acquainted with a Ukrainian lady

Use your time and resources wisely

To begin with, you should divide your time into two types: depending on the time of year and depending on the place where you meet your Ukrainian woman. If more detail, the structure looks like this:

Depending on the time of the year:

  • summer;
  • spring and autumn;
  • winter.

Depending on the meeting place:

  • at home;
  • in a public institution;
  • during the cultural event;
  • in nature;
  • walking tour;
  • journey.

A joint vacation is available in all seasons of the year. In principle, the seasons do not greatly affect how to spend time with a Ukrainian lady, but every season has its advantages and disadvantages.

Places where you can meet your Ukrainian love

  • The great places for summer recreation and pastime will be beaches, concerts, and youth cultural events. The specificity of the summer holiday is that it is often inactive and successfully associated with the tranquility and observation of how beautiful the world around. A more specific place is to choose based on the inner world of the Ukrainian girl, which you should know better than herself.
  • Spring and autumn are great for going to the cinema, cafe, restaurant, billiard, bowling, and so on. Here, the weather itself suggests that it is worth looking for places where it is warm and cozy, and the rest will not be spoiled by a sudden change in weather.
  • It may seem strange, but winter is a unique time of year – here fits well any of the options of summer, spring or autumn. In winter, clear distinctions are not so noticeable. It is no wonder why Ukrainian girls love winter.
  • At home – Only here, as nowhere else, you can create comfort and almost perfectly plan your evening. This option is in the first place, and I advise you to be sure to include it in your holiday periodically.
  • In a public institution – A very popular pastime for most couples. It includes financial expenses and your social success, adequacy, and education. If you are not pumped in the last three points – your meeting can give a completely opposite effect from what you expect.
  • During the cultural event – This variant is quite similar with the previous one, but it has two differences. The first difference – often this holiday comes out more economical (if you do not take into account the situation with trips to another city). Second – there is more freedom, unity with nature and your Ukrainian lady and less social pressure.

Traditional approach is not always enough

Another popular way, the essence of which is that in the course of communication you provide a service to a Ukrainian girl, and in return receive the desired thing.

  • In nature – specific risk and where the risk of being wrong, or hit the jackpot the same, especially if you do not know the Ukrainian girl. Therefore, it is advisable not to rush to the nature and save money, and get to know your Ukrainian lady better, make sure that such spending time will suit her.
  • Walking – The same case of outdoor recreation, but with one big amendment. Before you go for a walk, you should clearly know the condition of a Ukrainian girl. Her fatigue, psychological or physical condition can significantly spoil the effect of communication, and given that Ukrainian girls are very easily influenced by external factors. It is necessary to clearly monitor her condition before walking. If the situation does not have – do not be afraid to postpone the meeting or spend time in another way. Believe me – this banal reason spoiled a lot of walks.
  • During journeys – The most financially costly option, the advantage of which is that you have 100% freedom to choose a holiday scenario. If you have no problems with finances, then such a holiday can easily include all of the above options for spending time. The selection criterion here is one – you should both enjoy your journey!

Getting a Ukrainian girl’s number

In today’s world, it is more and more useful to have a connection with a Ukrainian girl on the largest number of communication devices. Especially, when it comes to a stranger. That is why the “art” to get a phone number from a potential lady is so important.

How to get a number from a Ukrainian girl, using a direct approach? First come, and then establish eye contact. Next – welcome, do not pull the rubber for a long time and talk directly about the interest, the compliment here will not be superfluous.

The main thing is not to embellish and not much to press. After a few remarks, declare your desire to continue communication in a more comfortable place and take her number.

How to become desirable for a Ukrainian woman

For the maximum effect of this method, it is extremely important to radiate confidence. Therefore, follow the next steps:

  • flat back;
  • calm breath;
  • look smooth and confident;
  • calm tone of the voice;
  • clear diction.

By the way, this method has one nuance, which is both a plus and a minus. After all, acting directly and stating your intentions – you eliminate all the disinterested, puzzled, those who are afraid and simply unsuitable for the development of new communication.

On the one hand, it is a significant plus, which will save your time. However, we are all people, and the fact that you are not disposed to talk today is not an indicator that you are not interested or it makes no sense to engage in communication. Therefore, this method does not always give the desired result, because you can simply approach the person in a bad time.

Stealth method

A significant advantage of this method is that you should not even plan how to ask correctly, you just take a wait-and-see position. The second advantage – if everything turns out that way, and you get exactly her number – it is a sign that you have passed the first stage of selection, and so far, all is well.

Make the best impression on your Ukrainian lady

On the other hand, it has several disadvantages. The first – you should not wait for the right moment. The second – you take not absolutely man’s position that can show over time you as the indecisive young man.

The third – Ukrainian girls are so cunning and smart (especially, those who are not ashamed to ask) that they can easily give not their number in return. Be sure to check her number before you leave her until your next meeting.

First acquaintance

Surely, the most optimal and least risky way to get a number from a Ukrainian girl. That is the situation when you should prove to her your best, and the Ukrainian girl immediately understand:

  • who you are;
  • what you are made of;
  • if she should pay attention to you.

It is simple – start communication, develop a conversation, stimulate interest and before saying goodbye, exchange numbers. So that very soon the question – how to get a Ukrainian girl’s number will cease to matter to you at all!

In addition to the standard conversation, you can go from a distance and introduce yourself as a tourist, ask the Ukrainian lady to tell you, show the city and ask for a number in order to have someone to consult in the future. You can also take a number, as if for business relations, and eventually develop communication on a more personal level.

As you can see – if you develop, work on yourself, apply knowledge, do not be lazy, and then you will be lucky to find your own Ukrainian woman.

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