What kind of a single woman are you looking in Ukraine?

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You are dating online in the hope to find your significant other in Ukraine. You are doing it at random, travelling over different profiles and writing to chosen ladies. When you fail to come to an understanding with any of them, you start everything anew. Going round in circles you cannot get the hang on online dating. What are you doing wrong? Why cannot you achieve the intended result?

Certainly you used to chat with your friends about the opposite sex partners and discuss the women you prefer or refuse. Remember how your friends describe ladies by their sides. Remember what picture of an ideal woman you offer. Try to repeat that description and think if it needs to be revised. We won’t reveal a secret if we suggest that most males speak about sexuality first and only then estimate the other personal traits of a lady. Is it consumerism to see a sexual object only in a woman? Do you really believe that an intimate component of relations is the most important one in a family life? But let’s see the things beyond the obvious. When you are looking for a reliable partner to share your life with, you should consider a question all around in addition to sexuality. Do you want to say that your lady is everything you have ever wanted in a woman? Here the crucial idea comes – “you want”. What do you want to do in your life? How do you prefer to spend your spare time? What is your hobby? Do you have extraordinary habits, which are supposed to survive any woman next to you? This is precisely what you should ask yourself. When you have a full image of your prospects and preferences, you will understand what kind of woman you should be looking for.

It is fair to assume with a high accuracy that after the above investigation most males will consider sexuality to be not the only factor of importance. So you should change your course and start with a strategy. List your expectations in writing. In one column you should put down your wishes and interests and in the next column you should mention the qualities of a woman, which should meet your wishes and interests. If you are choosing a partner for a long-term relationship, you are to specify attributes connected with commitments. You should think of her social and personal characteristic. Is it crucial for you to live with intelligent and well-educated lady who has ambitions and useful connections, or you’d better date with a lady who is more dependent on you, tolerant and devoted to home life? In both cases you should consider her as a reliable partner in a stable relationship. List the personal traits you want to see in her: honesty, kindness, warmth, ability to get on with people and so on. Escape becoming a victim of your own foolishness. Do not follow an idea of making a date with a “hot and sexy” lady, if you need a wife. We do not insist that you should cross this item off the partner’s profile, but be realistic and give precedence those qualities, which will be necessary for you in everyday life. Do you need a woman for sex only? Perhaps you are looking for your partner in all aspects of life including sex. The family-oriented woman will hardly be happy to meet such wrong and one-sided attitude. So, you will not only fail to build the relationship being oriented on sexuality only but also you can push away ladies registered on the site if you try to do correspondence beginning with a phrase: “Wow, you are so sexy on the picture!”

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