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You must admit that a family is a union based on commitment. Both partners are supposed to have a range of responsibilities, which can be generally accepted or agreed upon the parties on an individual basis. In any way a woman and a man should allow claims on the part of the other partner. It is no secret that this common understanding of family obligations is of crucial importance. There can be even frustrating fear of commitments if a couple fails to make a deal and one of two requires more than the other is ready to give. Men and women can back out of a proposal only because of that fear. Of course, if you know this chilly feeling and hesitation, you can say that it is possible to conquer the fear and bring yourself to compromise that threshold. But it is easier said than done. Needless to say, such a compromise will not work if a partner cannot agree over the set commitments. In order to achieve the best result he should reconsider his attitude instead of being tolerant until in the long run he sets himself against the state of things coming to earth.

What can we recommend in order to overcome fear of commitment? It depends on the kind of those fears because they are different. That is why the first step towards victory over yourself is to define what commitments seem to be inappropriate to you. So what are you afraid of? Nowadays there is a saying that a man marries a Fay and lives with a Witch. It follows as a logical consequence that the males (however the females as well) are afraid of the unknown. All people do their best to make a good impression when they are dating and when the partners begin living together, they face a lot of new traits and habits of their significant others. It is clear that such experience can be stressful. That is why even if you are skilled in the long-term relationship, you still cannot say for sure what is round the corner. Is it familiar to you to worry about the coming future? That fear is very deep if you feel that you cannot keep the situation over control being unable to resist the pressure or demands made on you.

The related next fear is connected with the concerns to make a mistake. How should you behave when your lady demands too much in your opinion? Should you refuse or obey? The choice can be needed in any sphere. Here both action and omission can be regarded as a mistake! If you are able to answer the consequences of your choice, you will feel much more comfortable when make a decision otherwise it can be a real trial for you. Especially if you understand that your next step can lead to losing of your partner or friends or work.

And that is the next fear – separation anxiety. It means that an individual is afraid to stay without support of people who care of him even if they do not approve his decision. This is a double edged sword. On the one part you worry to lose close people and on the other part you want to have freedom and control your life. This fear to lose control as to spare time, choice of activity and so on can prevent a partner from accepting a proposal.

So, in order to get rid of the above or other fears you should discover and put them down, then try to find objections, which a potential partner might offer. Do it yourself or ask one of your uninvolved friends to help you. Try to convince yourself as if these fears are not yours. If you remain unconvinced, consider the possible results of those frightening situations. What will happen, if it happens? Have you ever gone so far? We think that you have stopped much earlier because when you get to the end of the road, the fears of commitment will become irrelevant.

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