How to write the first letter when you are dating online with a single girl from Ukraine?

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Welcome to a dating website! Are you here for the first time? In this case you need some recommendations in regard of starting your intercourse in correspondence with a Ukrainian lady. It is very important to write the first letter in a proper way. It gives a chance to capture a lady’s imagination and make her to respond to you. There are two principle tools needed at this stage of online dating: a perfect profile and interesting first message. And the profile goes before because there is no other way to learn more about a candidate. That is why after registration on the site you’d better begin working on your profile. It should give a full idea of your merits, preferences and expectations. When it is done, you can choose several women with an appropriate set of traits and enter upon writing a letter to them.

The experts usually recommend doing correspondence with several ladies simultaneously until it is clear whether you match each other. There is a sense in creating the same first letter for those ladies, but you’d rather take a personal approach and write an individual message to every woman. Remember that your task is to make a great first impression. Of course the recipient will study your profile, look at your picture placed on the site with a great attention, but your presentation in a form of a short or may be long writing will be of overwhelming influence on her. After reading your letter she gets a general idea of your nature and makes a decision if it is worth to continue communicating with you. Here every detail will be of crucial importance. Do your best to avoid grammar mistakes and show you as a good speller.

Now let’s start from the length of a letter. As we mentioned before it can be short or long. It is up to you to decide. But listen to those individuals who have a great experience in online dating and start with several paragraphs in order to be sure that a lady will finish your writing. Too witty and detailed e-mails can make a lady even scared if the details will be unexpected and strange. You do not know your partner inside out and you cannot predict her reaction to your jokes or stories and as a result you run a risk not to receive response. So try to be measured and write in brief about your desire to get to know better. You can use some information from her profile, which must be read beforehand. You can also refer to your own profile where you have done your best to market yourself. So the principle purpose of your first e-mail is to make the candidates you are interested in to turn to your personal information, read it carefully and get interested in you. You should rouse the curiosity. And here is another piece of advice: do take care of a title, because she sees it before opening your letter and you need to make it telling.

Now we are going to discuss the content of your first message. You should escape hardball questions and backhand compliments. You should take into account that a lady can have a bad experience with different weird or odd men who wrote before you and led to frustration. Your sentences and ideas should be clear, polite and still interesting. Well, what must be included in this introductory email, if almost nothing is allowed? You should agree that the first and most important thing in relationship is attention. So you’d better think of a woman more than you think of yourself including some information proving that you have looked through her profile. Moreover, you can find something in common with you in her profile and that is the right thing to let her know. You can exaggerate a little bit making your discovery emotional. For example: “Just fancy! We both are fond of cats!” or “Walking around a city is my favorite thing to do. I’m glad to know that you like it!” This exclaiming with delight is possible only if this is true. Some of her specified hobbies or habits can be really fascinating even if you are not involved. You can flatter a lady by mentioning this, but do it with all your heart. In order to continue your communication you can apply one method that proves to be rather effective – ask her some questions. They should not be too personal or too fundamental just showing your interest and attraction. And she will answer you without any doubt!

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