How to ask a single woman from Ukraine what goes wrong when you are dating online?

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The online dating has a lot of in common with a real life. When you start communicating with a woman and continue it during more than couple of days, you become close enough and hope for the best course of events. You do your best to understand your partner, to attract her attention and win her heart. It seems that you have all reasons to expect reciprocity and suddenly something goes wrong. You feel some tension in her letters or she makes long intervals between your messages or even stops sending responses. You do not understand what makes her to behave like this but you are sure that you do not want to lose this lady. How to save the situation without making it even worth? You know there is a chance that you take the current developments fundamentally mistaken. She can be just busy. In this case you should not rush to a conclusion. It is highly recommended to wait for a while. If the situation does not change, you’d better ask her a straight question in your next letter. There is another example when you can find yourself in a state of uncertainty: you enter upon doing correspondence and do not get the response on your perfect first or second letter. Here you do not know your partner yet and have little affection to her but the question appears anyway. Why? What is wrong with your letters? You have done a pretty good job following all recommendations; you are attractive and full of merits! Why does not she even try to know you better?

First of all we should mention that it is not so easy to take a loss and put a question about your mistakes if they are. But this is the only way to know what you are doing wrong. It does not mean that you will be satisfied with explanations but at least you will try. Probably you should not worry about one rejection, because people differ and it can only show that you are not matches with that lady. But if the failure occurs again and again, you should pay attention to it. Just read your sent letters and make sure that there is nothing offensive or impermissible in them in your opinion. You can get the advice from a person who is not involved. You are expected to be honest and tell the details of your correspondence or just give the letters to read. This is also a way out but it will be just another guess. If you want to know the reason, you should ask a , which does not respond your letters. As we already said she can refuse telling you the whole truth but you should try. This decision requires a sort of courage but if you choose this road, you have no right to turn back. Even if you cannot find proper words and feel awkward, you should get up the nerve and send her a question. Besides, you should hardly be uptight ahead of time because she can refuse writing to you as well as she did not catch up on your correspondence before.

The experts insist that if your first letter is left unanswered, you’d better forget about the idea to find out the reason because a lady will hardly spend her time on your training, but it depends on a person, of course. If you make a decision to write, remember that your question should be free of claims, emotions and anger. This message should not have any negative connotation. You should mention in your email that it was your pleasure to read a profile of that lady, send her a letter and perhaps even get a response to it. Now you will be happy to continue and find the lack of her interest without understanding of reasons for it. Add that you will appreciate the honest feedback in this regard without any undertakings as to further communication, though if there is a chance, it would be great. You should thank for attention and wish her good luck. There is a high probability that you will get the answer.

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