How should you take a gender difference when dating online with single women from Ukraine?

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Well, the gender issues are of current concern in the western world and males feel a little bit uncomfortable with it. It is generally accepted that women and men differ from each other even if they claim to be equal. Perhaps the historical imbalance and too demanding patriarchal structure where a woman has a lot of limitations in different life spheres lead to an opposite extreme disharmonizing the relationship between a woman and a man. There are different roles intended for opposite sex partners! And in Ukraine this idea gathers majority support. But still Ukraine is a country with European values and you cannot expect that here you will find a woman without her own ambitions and requirements. Ukrainian ladies are usually well-educated, most of them can earn their living and almost all of them are able to manage money and keep the house clean. Being active they still are family-oriented and need to be loved, cared and supported. You can count on their understanding of a woman’s role in a family. They will take the responsibilities as to your children and you will be expected to secure favorable environment for your life together.

It is clear that women have different knowledge of world order and they have access to the information that is not available for men. Their intuition allows controlling over the situation and forecasting the sequence of events. They are more sensible and emotional. That is why you can be involved in a conflict when you do not believe there is a reason for that conflict. The smallest issue for you can be a continuing problem for your partner. Of course all people differ and such situation can happen even between two persons of the same sex, because they see the world following no particular pattern. That pattern depends on the conditions, under which you were brought up. That is why a gender difference can be less important when you are dating with a foreigner than the gap between you connected with the surroundings your partner grew up in.

So you should be able to understand her viewpoints considering the national peculiarities sometimes even without getting to the bottom. It is not important who is right. Moreover there can be two completely true versions of the discussed issue based on what every partner is observing. And you should be ready to reach a compromise. Of course a woman usually agrees with a man first but if we speak about gender equality you should respect your significant other and listen to her opinion taking it into account even if you cannot accept it in full. After all, both women and men are looking for the same thing: they want to make each other happy if they are a loving couple, of course. But in addition to this intention they want to fulfill their potential. So, when you start with dating online, you should show your interest in the goals and achievements of your bride-to-be. Perhaps it will be a good idea to seek her advice and be sure you will get useful recommendations. Still you are expected to take up a leading position in your relations, show that you are ready to commit and bear responsibility for your actions and promises.

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