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If you prefer to date with a woman born in a small town who will be content to live a quiet and restful life you can pay your attention to ladies coming from the Ukrainian provinces. There are a range of calm places in the country and one of them is Melitopol. It is situated in the southeastern Ukraine on the Molochna River that joins the Sea of Azov in the long run. Another name of Melitopol is “the gateway to the Crimea” because it is a kind of a through transit. When in holiday season Ukrainian and not only Ukrainian people are driving by this town heading towards the coasts of Black Sea and Sea of Azov, the road traffic is so heavy that it cannot be regarded as a quiet city.

This double-meaning can also be observed in the nature of women from Melitopol. They are easy-going, flexible and at the same time they are plenty of drive and ambition. If you want to see a lioness in a domestic cat, you should pay attention to the profiles of ladies from this place. And if you want to win her heart, you should take some efforts and use all your charisma. The knowledge of the national traditions and peculiarities of her birthplace will be to your advantage. So we are going to offer several facts about the town and you should take care of all the rest.

In 1769, in the territory of modern Melitopol a redoubt was built for Cossacks who protected the land against the enemy. In 1784 His Highness Prince Potemkin established a town here with Cossacks’ families as main inhabitants. At one and the same time here Germans settled down and some villages in this territory spoke German long enough. That is why there is a high probability that in Melitopol you can find a bride-to-be with antecedents coming from Europe. Besides, you will enjoy communicating with her hospitable relatives and friends, talented people with open hearts, who speak mostly in Russian.

Nowadays this is the city of the regional significance due to the fact that major European highways cross it. Its population is about 200 000 people including more than 100 ethnic groups. As far as Melitopol is situated in a steppe zone with climate favorable for agricultural activity, it is known with its tasty fruits and vegetables distributed all over Ukraine. In this place there are local manufacturers producing automobiles engines, consumer goods, and food products.

The cultural life in Melitopol is quite active. The City takes participation in different cultural programs making a great contribution to its future development as it attracts investors and European tourists. Here they work on the project of creating of an intercultural park where it is possible to meet a person of any nationality, communicate with him sharing the experience and interests. This intercultural park is prepared by a team of European architects and designers headed by a professional from Netherlands. As you can see this city is visited by a lot of men from the western world. This fact diminishes your chances to be the first who will catch the interest of a charming young lady from this town and make her to fall in love. Do not waste your time and start doing correspondence with a woman from Melitopol right now. You should register on the dating web site and search the needed profiles using a filter that the resource offers. Thus, you will be able to focus on this city only and see if there are any candidates coming from here. Taking into account the small number of inhabitants you should be rather lucky to meet a woman from Melitopol but if you manage to do it, you will find a perfect wife: beautiful, educated, proactive, and tolerant.

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