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If you do not want to meet a lady coming from big metropolises, you can look through the profiles of those women who live in a marvelous Ukrainian town Zaporojie. It is situated in southeastern Ukraine on the picturesque banks of the famous Dnieper River. We cannot say that town is too small, but it is not regarded as a city with a million-plus population. Here about 770 000 people live. The womenfolk are represented by charming ladies of strong character made of iron. You should not be frightened by the above description because people differ and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to find a tender and calm girl in this place, because not all people living here are decedents of warriors inhabiting the territory of modern Zaporojie in times past. It is interesting to know that this area has witnesses many battles of Zaporozhian Cossacks, which married the women matching them in a perfect way. So in order to make such a female Cossack submissive, loving and caring, you should be a real man who is able to support a family, provide with safety and translate the promises into actions. First of all in order to make a good impression on your partner you can use your knowledge of the history of her native city. In this article we are going to give you some details on this subject.

In 1552 Dmytro Vyshnevetsky built fortifications on the island in the Dnieper River situated near the island Khortytsia taking the Zaporizhian Sich, where the Cossacks lived, as a basis. It had been the beginning of the history of brave people but the city was established two centuries later, to be more exact in 1770. At the moment of its foundation the town was named Alexandrovsk. Only in 1921 it was renamed into the current version that has a meaning “beyond the rapids” of the Dnieper River. Now you can hardly see those rapids because they are used for operation of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station, the most significant object in this area that makes Zaporojie an industrial center of the region. Besides, here the heavy industry, metallurgy, aluminium, and chemical industry are developed. There are factories producing the avia motors, city cars, avia motors and other products. In Zaporojie a port is operating. Taking into account the highly concentrated industrial objects in this region the environmental conditions are not the best ones here. Even the sea that is a stone’s throw away is not able to improve the situation materially.

Still this city delights the guests with this main sights, the Hydroelectric Station and island Khortytsia. On the island you can enjoy spending time in the museum “Zaporizhian Sich” that is made as a stronghold of the Zaporizhian Cossacs with realistic presentation of all features of their lifestyle. Here you can feel genius of old times and understand the nature of your bride-to-be to the fullest extent. If you are interested in such majestic heritage, the best candidate for your wife is a woman born in Zaporojie – beautiful, clever, a little bit tough and able to lend her shoulder in difficult time.

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