Learn more about a southern town of Ukraine – Kherson and single women born here

Meet Ukrainian Women

The men of the western world are extremely interested in Ukrainian women. There are different reasons for this tendency but you should be sure that you understand your own preferences in order not to get disappointed in the future. In this country you can count to find a well-educated and smart girl with her own goals and preferences. It goes without saying that ladies in Ukraine accept the woman’s role in a family and are ready to take care of their husband and children. Still they can be involved in different business activities and have their own dreams in addition to creation of a sound family. If you want to find a woman full of vigor with a fresh mind and optimistic view of life, you can pay your attention to southern cities of Ukraine where there is a lot of sun, sea air with spindrift bracing everybody up. Kherson can be regarded as one of them but it has its own inimitable style.

Due to its location on the Black Sea and on two banks of the Dnieper River’s downstream Kherson is considered as a port of vital importance for Ukraine because both the cargo and passenger ships from above 40 countries all over the world enter this port. In addition in this region there are facilities of ship-building industry. In general the city is not very big, its population makes about 400 000 people. Taking into account availability of foreigners arriving at this city every day, you will act in an increasingly competitive environment. That’s worth the efforts! We are going to give you an advantage making you aware of some historical facts about Kherson. As far as all people are attached to their birthplace, you will have an opportunity to please your bride-to-be mentioning this information during your conversations.

In 1778 Grigori Potemkin founded Kherson according to the orders of Catherine the Great, Russian tzaritza. The name of the city is derived from the name of the ancient Greek colony, Chersonese, of about 2500 years of age, the remains of which are situated in Crimea. Nearly the oldest building in this place is the Church of St. Catherine where there is a tomb-vault of the founder of the city, Potemkin.

this city of two ports, a Sea and River port, is very romantic and pretty place. You should visit it as soon as you can make arrangements with your significant other born here. You can see its old fortress and have a walk along its picturesque streets and alleys. It goes without saying that yachts and leisure boats will be at your disposal to be paid for, of course. You can have an unforgettable sea trip. You will enjoy the marvelous nature of Kherson, in particular a unique nature reserve, the first in Ukraine, – Askaniya Nova, that is regarded as UNESCO heritage. This land is a unique one in the eastern Europe being an example of the droughty steppe. You can find 452 kinds of the flowers and some of them grow only in this territory. Here you can breathe in the air of virgin steppe and feel free and powerful as well as a woman from this city will make you feel free and powerful caring of you and loving with all her heart.

If you want to be involved in the cultural life of Kherson, you can visit academic and experimental modern theatres, museums and exhibitions with works of avant-garde art. There is even no need to take tickets for concert. You can enjoy jazz and other melodies played by street musicians. In summer time there is a range of street festivals including salsa-marathon, fire-shows, poetry competitions, and carnivals. And there is a perfect chance to remember the time spent in Kherson dating with your significant other – you can go to the oldest planetarium in Ukraine and wish a star together with your lady.

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