Should you consider an average age gap between couples in Ukraine?

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If you’re thinking of searching for a wife on a Ukrainian dating site, it’s important to research a bit on Eastern European dating culture and family traditions. Is it acceptable to go for young girls or you’d better focus on dating mature Ukrainian women? What is an average age gap between couples is Ukraine? These are some of the important questions you should consider before contacting women on a dating website and starting a romantic relationship.

Dating a Ukrainian woman with a large age difference

Do act in haste – there are differences between western women and Ukrainian girls that you should be aware of, otherwise your relationship will end before you even properly start them. In spite of the fact that our planet is growing increasingly smaller and more homogeneous, there are still differences between cultures, and knowing about Ukrainian woman’s mentality might be crucial for your online dating experience. Their choices are often based on social, cultural and historical traditions.

If you wonder whether you should consider a typical age gap between spouses in Eastern Europe, let’s discuss this question in more detail.

What is an age gap between a wife and a husband in Ukraine?

Well, it doesn’t sound right when you have to make general conclusions about families in a particular region. Each love story, each couple and their family is unique, but if someone wants to understand a Ukrainian approach to marriages, let’s say it was evolving and changing over the centuries. Traditionally, both boys and girls tend to get married very young.

This tradition existed even during the soviet times: at the age of eighteen a guy would go to serve in the army, and in two years he would come back and get married. Usually his wife was even younger than him.

In present ay Ukraine, however, it’s rather uncommon for a wife and a husband to be of the same age. Usually a man is up to 7 years older – girls prefer to marry a guy who’s already settled in life and more or less financially secure. It doesn’t mean an average Ukrainian girl is materialistic. It’s just a responsible approach towards starting a family and having kids with a partner who can be a good breadwinner.

And yes, the younger the girl, the more chances she has to get married. Ukrainian men are spoiled for choice due to imbalance male to female ration in most Slavic countries, and they usually prefer young women in their early twenties or even late teens. So an average age gap between couples in Ukraine is two to seven years.

A married woman gets more respect in the Ukrainian society, but things are slowly changing for better – if a thirty ear old woman decides to remain unmarried or postpones marriage for later, people start tolerating her decision. Ukrainian women are educated and smart, well-read and professionally accomplished. They build their careers and pursue their hobbies, take part in cultural events and travel around the world. Do they look for a life partner? Yes, they do. But they are not willing to lower their standards. Besides, they expand the geography of their searches by reaching out to people over the internet.

Meet young Ukrainian girls and mature women on dating sites

Do Ukrainian women date older men?

Simply put, yes, they do. As we’ve mentioned above, they go for slightly older local men, and an average gap between couples is even larger when a Ukrainian girl dates a foreign man. Generally speaking, men from western countries are in better physical shape. They are more energetic and mentally active They are ambitious and responsible.

Under such circumstances, a young girl doesn’t mind getting husband who is ten or even twenty years older. A man in his twenties can rarely be found on an international dating site. Usually foreign men start searching for a wife when they are at least a decade older.

That’s why it’s almost impossible for a young girl to find a partner on her own age on dating sites. But it’s not a problem for her to date a decent man in his late thirties. If you’re fifty or sixty though, you may want to consider other options.

Things to remember when dating a young girl

If you’ve decided to start a romantic relationship with a gorgeous Ukrainian bride and your age difference is larger than average age gap between couples in Ukraine, there are several things you need to keep in mind:

  • Your energy levels should be quail to hers. It’s extremely important to be able to keep up with your date. No young girl will tolerate a man who’s slow, lethargic and amorphous. If the two of you go hiking, you should be able to keep up with her. If she takes to a night club, dance with her, or she’ll find another partner. She shouldn’t feel that you’re older than her. A life partner is something to share one’s life with, so what’s the point of being together when there is very little to share?
  • Make your appearance a priority. Ukrainian girls are unbelievable beautiful, especially young ones. They take a good care of their external looks, and the results are nothing short of astounding. So the contrast would have been too great if one of these beautiful Ukrainian ladies had a relationship with an untidy, overweight, unattractive older man.
  • If you’d like to have a romantic relationship with a young woman, make sure you look presentable and respectable. You’re expected to be in a reasonably good physical shape. Your cloths should be neat and stylish. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear anything extraordinary, but a wrinkled t-shirt and old pair of jeans won’t do either. Don’t forget about shaving your face regularly, keeping your haircut neat and using a pleasant perfume.
  • You should have common interests. Naturally, if you don’t have anything in common, your marriage won’t last long.
  • You should be willing to have kids. If you’re a mature man, it’s likely that you already have grow up children and wouldn’t like to start it all over again. Now it’s time to enjoy life and to live for yourself, right? However, a young girl is bound to want a kid of her own. Ukrainian women are devoted mothers, and their happiness is never complete without having a child or two.
Meet a Ukrainian woman with a reasonable age difference

Should you consider dating mature women?

Yes, by all means! Having a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman over forty has plenty advantages. Firstly an average age gap between couples is less when a foreign man chooses a mature Ukrainian woman. It means you’ll be able to understand each other better and your rhythms of life will be pretty similar.

Besides, Ukrainian singles over forty and even fifty are still exceedingly beautiful. They continue taking good care of their health and appearance, and men are usually very happy with the results. Besides, they are confident and assertive, they know exactly what they want from a family life, and they are not up to playing games and wasting someone’s time. They are experienced and charming, romantic and caring.

They’ve learned a value of a good, decent man. So when you browse through profiles on international dating sites, don’t filter out mature women. You might be pleasantly surprised when you start talking to one of them. Besides, it’s highly unlikely a woman in her mid forties would want to have a child.

Most probably she already has kids from her previous relationship. And now it’s all about just the two of you. Besides, many mature women in Ukraine were educated during the USSR, and quality of the soviet education is legendary. With a woman like that, you’ll be able to have discuss various subjects and will never run out of conversation topics.

These were only some thoughts about an average age gap between couples in Ukraine. It’s not necessary for you to follow the rules – sometimes exceptions prove to be the most successful. All the best!

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