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General terms and liability

We as a provider of informational services, take a responsibility over educating and entertaining our readers, hereinafter called users, with the purpose of improving their personal life. We, from our side, guarantee that our authors and consultants are all highly educated experts in area of psychology and dating. The authors are equipped with corresponding diplomas and certificates.

From the user’s side, we expect back the responsibility and respectful behaviour. All kinds of insults and heavy critics are strictly forbidden. Violators are to be banned and put penalties on.

Among such violations are: negative comments below the articles, pornographic comments and texts suggested through the Contact us field, direct insults and insulting hints addressed to the authors or other users, commercial promoting of sexual services or any kinds of goods.

All kinds of negative feedback such as rating, comments, or suggestions should be well-grounded and based on obvious facts, not on the user’s subjective judgement.

Copyright and legal protection

Our authors’ texts are completely covered by the Copyright.

Our users are aware all texts are protected and don’t make any attempts to misuse or assign the texts, even partially. All quotes are allowed on a condition of accompanying it with the active link and the author’s name, if indicated.

Our new authors can apply their texts samples through the Contact us field or by email, being fully confident and reassured no one will misuse or assign their texts.

Privacy and GDPR

Our site and all its content is additionally protected by GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation. In some countries, the EU members, it is also covered by EULA regulations. It means, that all data gathered from our users who provided it manually or automatically, is stored by the site only for the technical purposes, regularly deleted, and never misused against the user.

We provide our audience with urgent and preventive help on personal matters but we never get too personal nor we intrude into the user’s private life since he is reading our articles anonymously and receiving the information in a neutral manner.

In countries which aren’t the EU members the Privacy Policy is equally strict and reassuring. We aren’t sharing, misusing, or saving the user’s personal data without a keen and well-grounded need, such as preventing him from further violations or help to the authorities on demand.

Most commonly, none logins or passwords are needed for joining our site; no secret questions, no cell phone number, no connection through the social networks. Therefore, the user can be confident about the safety of all his data and our reliable commitment.

Any doubts, claims, complaints, suggestions regarding the privacy or safety can be expressed using the Contact us form or email address.