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If you’re wondering what the best cities to meet women in Ukraine are, there is some good news for you. Every Ukrainian city is stocked full of beautiful land intelligent ladies. If you visit this country in Eastern Europe, there won’t be any lack of gorgeous women to talk to. Many of them either actively search for a husband abroad or wouldn’t mind to try a romantic relationship with a foreigner if opportunity arises.

Pretty women in big cities of Ukraine

However, if you’re a first time visitor, we would advise you to choose a large city with a good infrastructure for foreign visitors. You wouldn’t like to end up in a small ton with a limited choice and not a single English speaking person. Of course, if you’ve already formed a long-distance relationship with a Ukrainian girl, you will come to visit her no matter where she lives. But if you’re planning to find a potential partner during your visit to Ukraine, here are five best cities to meet women:


Odessa is an interesting and charming city in the southern region of Ukraine. The proximity of beaches defines the laidback atmosphere in the city and relaxed rhythm of living. The local population is known for its peculiar sense of humour, cheerful nature and carefree attitude. There are lots and lots of good-looking women in Odessa especially in spring and summer, when the local beauties wear lovely dresses, miniskirts, crop tops and high heels. Many of them keep in shape in order to show off with their slim bodies at the beach parties.

Best places to meet pretty girls in Odessa include:

  • beaches (Lanzheron, Arcadia);
  • shopping centres (Riviera Shopping City, Europa Mall):
  • parks and gardens.

 The nightlife is vibrant in the city, so if you’re willing to dance your night out, go to one of the clubs in the beach area. The city centre is very pretty, with lots of architectural masterpieces to look at. There are also a lot of restaurants and bars in Odessa to invite a girl to for the first date. All in all, Odessa doesn’t disappoint. It’s known as “a pearl near the sea”, and for good reason.

Visit Odessa to meet Ukrainian women


Lviv is also one of the best cities to meet women in Ukraine. Lviv represents a quintessence of the Ukrainian culture. Located in the western part of Ukraine, this city is more European than any other city in the country. There are lots of open air cafes in Lviv where you can find the most delicious coffee, beautiful architecture, quaint museums and lovely parks. People in Lviv are extremely patriotic. If you are planning to meet women in this city, familiarise yourself a bit with the Ukrainian culture, literature and art – they will be impressed.

There are also plenty of colleges and universities, attended by beautiful young women. So, if you’d like a date with a girl who’s not only good-looking, but also smart, well-read and educated, target the area around one of the universities. Some of the places of interest in Lviv include:

  • Lviv National Academic Opera;
  • Lychakiv Cemetery (don’t be freaked out);
  • St. George’s Cathedral.

Ask a girl you like to show you around, and you’ll see how happy she will be to take you to places the locals are proud of. Alternatively, you think of a nice place to invite her – according to the dating etiquette in Ukraine, it’s always a man who takes the lead.

You are supposed to be confident, masculine and decisive. There are plenty of charming hotels in Lviv and a plethora of restaurants and cafes where you can taste all the famous dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine. You’re bound to love borsch, mlyntsi, varenyky and pyrizhky. And if you’re lucky to marry a woman from Lviv, you’ll have these dishes on regular basis – Ukrainian girls are excellent cooks.


Nikolaev is known as a city of brides in Ukraine, and with a name like that, how can it be ignored when looking for a woman of your dreams? It has an interesting history, with count Potemkin arranging mass weddings for the ship builders outsourced from all over the country in order to keep them happy in Nikolaev. The city is not big on touristic map, but it’s definitely worth visiting if you’d like to find a bride – the list of best cities to meet women in Ukraine wouldn’t be complete without Nikolaev.

Women in Nikolaev are attractive and interesting to talk to. You’ll see lots of pretty ladies on the streets, in public transport, cafes and restaurants.

Of course, you can randomly approach women in this city, but it would be wiser to establish a few connections through a dating site prior to your visit to Ukraine.

There are lots of accommodation options in Nikolaev – you either book a hotel room or rent an apartment short term.

Beautiful women in Ukraine for dating and marriage

Nikolaev is not very diverse in terms of sights, but there are still a few parks and gardens for romantic walks hand-in-hand, museums and a large water park. There is also a big zoo in Nikolaev which is considered the best zoo in Ukraine. Visiting it together with a nice girl should be fun. The majority of people in Nikolaev speak very poor English, so make sure to learn some Russian phrases or use an electronic translator.


Kharkiv is a large city in the east of Ukraine with plenty of local beauties to meet for dating and marriage. There are some of the largest universities in the country, so certain parts of the city have a distinctive vibe of dynamic and lively students’ life. You’ll meet some of the most educated and well-read women in Kharkiv. Needless to say, they are exceptionally good-looking, too.

Pretty girls to meet in Kharkiv, Ukraine

There are also plenty of places in Kharkiv to make your dates truly special. It’s interesting to explore the city with its urban feel and remnants of the soviet past. Start from the Independence Square – it’s a huge square (8th in Europe) in the centre of the city, with a huge Palace of Industry building at background. Explore the local parks, museums and stunning cathedrals. In winter, make sure to invite a girl to the local skating rink – it’s lots of fun.

There are also lots of nice cafes and restaurants to set up a perfect date with a beautiful Ukrainian girl:

  • “Fortuna” is great for ordering inexpensive and authentic dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine;
  • “Imbirnyj Pryanik” is for tea and desserts;
  • “Paris” is for fine dining.

Remember, it’s you who should pay the bill – according to the Ukrainian dating etiquette, requesting a woman to split the bill is unacceptable.

All in all, Kharkiv definitely should be included into the list of best cities to meet women in Ukraine.


The Ukrainian capital is stunner of a city, and it’s absolutely worth visiting in terms of meeting beautiful women. Ladies from all over the country come to study and work in Kiev, so you’ll have a chance to see an enormous number of the Ukrainian beauties. The added advantage is that lots of people in Kiev speak reasonable English, and it’s easy to navigate through the city using underground metro. There are plenty of hotels, hostels and rented apartments in Kiev to accommodate you according to your budget, and of course there are plenty of sights to see.

Take a pretty girl for a walk along the Khreshchatyk street, admire the golden domes of St. Sofia and St. Michael cathedrals, go for a tour around Kiev Pechersk Lavra, and admire the views over the Dnipro river.

Kiev also boasts a vibrant and diverse nightlife – just choose one of the numerous clubs in your area and enjoy dancing with the most gorgeous girls you have ever seen.

There are plenty of inexpensive eateries across the city – “Puzata Hata”, for example. Ask a woman you go out with to recommend you the most delicious local dishes. After lunch, take her for a relaxing walk in the local botanical garden – both of you will enjoy the views.

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The list of best cities to meet women in Ukraine is not limited to these five, but they will definitely give you an idea of what it’s like to date local girls. Visiting Ukraine is always insightful and interesting, and there is no chance you’ll regret it.

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