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If you’re new to the whole online dating thing, you may wonder why you’re so unsuccessful on a Ukrainian dating site. You’ve done everything that’s required: you’ve put up a profile, you’ve uploaded photographs, and you’ve been contacting women with a nicely written introduction letter. However, the results leave much to be desired, in spite all your efforts. The thing is, there could be some turns off for beautiful single women you don’t even know about.

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There are certain things in a man’s representation on a dating site that are exceedingly unappealing for girls. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

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Empty profiles

Profiles with too little information get closed almost instantly. If you didn’t bother to fill all the profile fields, women may think you’re not serious about starting a relationship. It doesn’t take much effort to tell a little about yourself. If you’re not willing to do this much in order to find a woman of your dreams, how are you going to deal with various challenges and obstacles every international couple goes through?

A woman who opens your profile is genuinely interested in knowing about your place of living, occupation, education, marital status, hobbies and interests. She’s curious whether you want to have kids with your future spouse. If there is nothing to learn from your profile, she’ll close it and move on.

Your profile is your chance to stand out of the crowd – there are plenty of foreign men looking for beautiful single women on dating sites, and every Ukrainian beauty gets plenty of mail and expressions of interest. If you want to succeed on a Ukrainian dating site, having a detailed and informative profile is a must.

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Too much information

If you write “War and Peace” in your profile, it’s not going to do any good either. Don’t reveal your whole life story in your profile: it’s better to leave if for follow up communication with women who are genuinely interested in getting to know you. Besides, English is not a native language for beautiful Ukrainian ladies, and they may find it extremely difficult to read a huge text with lots of details about the story of your life.

Make sure to fill all the profile fields, but keep them within 50 to 80 words. Tell about your interests and hobbies, dreams and a partner you hope to find in brief. It’s strongly recommended to avoid complex expressions and idiomatic speech. Make sure to specify your willingness to start a romantic relationship and a family. Also, point out that you are going to visit a girl in her country or to arrange a trip to meet somewhere else.

Lots of men are only up to writing letter for years without attempting to meet their girlfriend face to face. It’s such a waste of time! If a woman can make out your intentions are serious, you’ll have plenty of responses from beautiful single women.

Mentioning scammers

Referring to scammers and swindlers in your profile is not a very elegant thing to do. It sound like you accusing any girls who happened to open your profile of being a potential scammer. There is always a chance to meet a fraudster on dating sites, but it’s also fairly easy to deal with them – just report a scammer to administrators of the site or simply block them.

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And of course, never send any amount of money to a person you haven’t met in real life. But it’s not necessary to mention all this unpleasantness in your profile. Keep in mind that there are always people on dating sites who pretend to be someone else and try t separate you from your dollars, but the majority of beautiful single women from Ukraine have nothing to do with it. Your profile should radiate positivity and optimist – no one is interested in a grumpy and aggressive character who accuses a woman even before he gets to know her.

Sounding disheartened

Needless to say, everyone hopes to find their perfect partner right after uploading a profile on dating sites. There are such stories, to say the truth, but they are rather exceptions to the rule. And the rule is… it takes time and lots of dedication for someone to find the love of their life.

If you failed once or twice, it’s not the reason to lose heart. Everyone experiences the same on dating sites. Girls don’t like to console disappointed guys. They like happy guys who have everything except a beloved woman. They prefer happy men who’d like to share this happiness with someone special.

Asking women to message you

If you ask Ukrainian singles to message you in your profile instead of contacting them on your own, it’s a big turn off for a Slavic girl. According to dating culture in Eastern Europe, it’s a man who “conquers” a woman. So it’s a man who is supposed to make the first move. It’s you who has to approach a girl and try to charm her, not the other way around. Beautiful single women in Ukraine often let a man to take a leading role in a relationship.

They want to see how confidents, purposeful and assertive he is. They want to know whether he’s determined enough to seek their attention even if he fails at first. A Ukrainian woman expects a man to be a good decision maker. He should be a doer instead of a talker, otherwise why would anyone want to start a family with him?

Talking too much about money

There is a class of men who are so scared that a woman is only after their money that they try to appear poorer than they are. This way, according to them, a woman’s interest in him will be genuine, and they can be sure she’s not materialistic. So they keep mentioning their limited income and crying about how expensive everything is.

They don’t know that it’s a huge mistake on their part. One of the main factor that defines your chances for a romantic relationship with a Slavic girl is your financial security. And it’s not because they are only after your money and it’s their materialistic nature speaking. The majority of Ukrainian girls on dating sites are seriously intended to find their second half, get married and start a family.

If a man has financial issues, it’s absolutely impossible to settle down with him. Keep in mind that a girl will have to make a shift to your county, and it will take her time to adapt, master the local language and find a job. And if you can’t support both of you during this period, the whole plan doesn’t make any sense, right? Besides, how are you going to bring up kids without sufficient financial resources?

Apart from that, there are also men who boast about their riches too much. This way they try to attract women and ensure their affection. But it’s rather pathetic, isn’t it? It sounds as if they have nothing else to offer except money. Also, buying love of beautiful single women with material possessions is hardly an effective way to find a reliable life partner.

Lots of clichés

If your profile is a collection of clichés that says nothing, it’s highly unlikely a woman is going to contact you. “My family is very important to me”, “I would like to find the love of my life”, “I like to travel”, “I am honest and easy going”, “I feel comfortable in formal suit as well as in blue jeans” – these statements are far too generic and can be said about every single guy on a dating site. Try to write something distinctive and give example. For example, describe what a love of your life should be. If you like to travel mention a couple of your favourite destinations.

We’ve mentioned only some of the turns off for beautiful single women from Ukraine. Needless to say, there are more statements you should avoid in your dating profile. Just use your intuition and common sense. Tyr to imagine, what a woman would like to read in a man’s profile. Figure out what exactly you like about women’s introductions and act accordingly.

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