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If you’re tired of being alone and would like to find someone special in Eastern Europe, perhaps you’d be interested in using a Ukraine dating service. There are plenty of sites all over the internet offering to meet beautiful Ukrainian women for dating and marriage. Frankly speaking, it’s a wonderful option for a western man who is searching for someone with traditional family values. Slavic ladies are famed not only for their astonishing beauty, but also for conservative views on marriage and relationships, and also the way they understand family obligations. But how to choose a good Ukraine dating service?

Ukrainian women searching for western men via dating services

If you Google something like “Ukrainian girls best sites”, you’ll get lots of options, with each site claiming to be the most efficient one. With all the countless platforms over there, it’s not easy to make the right choice – it goes without saying, you’d like to avoid frauds and spammers, right? In this article, you’ll find plenty of tips on choosing a decent dating site with genuine Ukrainian women looking for love and marriage.

Why should you use any dating site at all?

You may think that in the era of social networks it’s absolutely unnecessary to register on a dating site if you want to meet someone special for dating and starting a family with. These days everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook profile and an Instagram page. One could just go there and try their luck. Not only these social media channels extremely popular, but they’re also absolutely free to use. However, if you’d like to date a Ukrainian girl, there is no better place to met someone special than a trustworthy dating site.

In spite of the bourgeoning popularity of social networks, Ukraine dating service is still on demand.

Firstly, this is where you find women who have similar goals. Just like you, they’re looking for a life partner to start a family and have kids with. They’re tired of loneliness and are ready for major changes in life. If you go to Facebook or Isntagram and start contacting random Ukrainian women, the chances are you’ll waist a lot of time with very little hope to succeed. It’s rarely used for meeting new people – the majority of users prefer to share their updates with social circles they’ve already built offline.

How to distinguish a good Ukraine dating service?

There are several things you should pay attention to when choosing a dating site for international dating. Below we’ve specified some of them.

Registration for new members

Registration procedure on a quality dating site should be quick and easy. The majority of reputable platforms try to keep simple – all you need to do is to provide basic information and activate your profile by clicking the link they sent to your mail box. And speaking of verification, try to avoid services where they skip this step. Keeping it verification free is an open invitations for all sorts of spammers and internet gold diggers. A major site with thousands members is sure to have new profiles moderated.

A good Ukraine dating service is easy to use and hassle free

General impressions of the profiles

Before you proceed, open a few profiles and see what they look like. If they’re too generic or empty, if they look fake or rub you the wrong way, you shouldn’t bother going any further.

A reputable Ukraine dating service encourages members to provide as much information as possible.

They’re supposed to upload a few quality photographs, as well as write about themselves and kind of person they hope to meet. The more information is there, the more chances people have to find someone compatible. So if you see a profile with a few generis phrases and excessively revealing photos, most probably it’s a scammer.

Search options

Another sign of a good Ukraine dating service is a powerful search engine. You should be able to narrow your searches to someone living in a particular city (Kiev, Odessa, Nikolaev or Kharkov), from the age group of 25-30, with no kids, good English, blue eyes and long black hair. This is just an example, but you’ve got the idea.

Communication tools

Communication tools define the quality and popularity of a Ukraine dating service. The biggest platforms provide their members with plenty of options:

  • sending letters and messengers;
  • text chats;
  • vide chats;
  • sending flowers, gifts and souvenirs;
  • translation services.

By using these tools, you can make your long-distance relationship truly interesting and engaging. If you don’t know how to write the first letter, you can simply send a message to let a woman know you liked her. When you want to add a bit of “real date” feel, go for a video chat session. On her birthday, send her a beautiful bouquet of roses, chocolates and a stuffed toy. The options are literally limitless, and years later both of you will cherish memories about these days of the most romantic online dating.

Number of profiles

Searching for a life partner via Ukraine dating service

The bigger the site, the more chances you have to find the girl of your dreams. A good Ukraine dating service will allow you an unlimited access to all the profiles for a monthly fee. Of course, there is a chance you won’t have to browse a lot in order to find your special one. Perhaps the first profile you open will strike you as the right one.

But let’s be honest, it hardly ever happens. Most probably you’ll have to go through a lot of profiles and start quite a few correspondences before you manage to find someone compatible. The bigger number of site members increases your chances.


A trustworthy site always has a proper security system in place. They’ll make sure to protect your personal data and payments details. You don’t have to worry about your data being misused or stolen. When you feel someone is trying to play tricks with you in order to take your money, you can simply report them and leave it up to the agency stuff to deal with the scammer.

Paid sites or free services?

You may be tempted to use free services when searching for Ukrainian girls over the internet. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch – this is absolutely true. Free sites are usually poorly moderated or not moderated at all, they are full of frauds, scammers and fake profiles. Trustworthy sites are usually paid, but the good news is that you really get your money’s worth: not only you’re provided with lots of services, but they also protect you from being scammed. Also, when you’re ready to visit Ukraine in order to meet the girl you’ve been writing to, they’ll provide you with lots of help and personal assistance. From finding a reasonable place to stay to helping you through the language barrier, you’re visit will be so much more pleasant with a good Ukraine dating service.

Customers’ reviews

One important thing to do when choosing a Ukraine dating service is to check previous customers’ reviews.

Don’t bother reading the reviews they’ve put on the site – it goes without saying that they’ve selected only positive ones. Instead, go to the third party forums and blogs where people discuss all things Ukraine, dating and meeting girls online.

Read carefully what western men say about the site you’re going to use and make your own conclusion. If you have any doubts, contact some of the people and ask them the questions that make you worried. They will either reassure you or confirm your doubts.

In any case, trying an international dating site in order to find a Ukrainian girl is well worth the effort. Women from the Eastern European countries make a wonderful wife material, and you’ll experience lots of positive changes in life with a Ukrainian spouse. Just make sure to take lots of precautions when choosing a dating site, and don’t be thoroughly scared of broken heart. Things have already worked out for plenty of American, Australian and European men over there, and the chances are they’ll work out for you, too.

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