Ukraine girl for marriage: how to give her space without losing her

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Beautiful Ukrainian ladies are a desirable wife material for men around the globe. When girls in the western world are all about feminism, Ukrainian ladies manage to retain their femininity. These women are excellent wives and devoted mothers, and it’s no wonder they are so popular with western men. Having a romantic relationship with a Ukraine girl for marriage is a very rewarding and exciting experience, and lots of men tend to get a bit overwhelmed with the whole scene.

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They are so happy to have this gorgeous and sophisticated female in their life that the only thought of losing her is unbearable for them. This is where the problem starts. A man gets controlling, jealous, overbearing and, generally speaking, rather unpleasant. They call their Ukrainian girlfriend ten or even twenty times a day, ask her million questions about where she’s been and who she associated with. Needless to say, no one likes this kind of attitude.

A Ukrainian woman will not tolerate a Ukrainian freak. You have to learn to give her enough personal space, otherwise you’ll simply lose her and your wonderful romantic relationship will come to a disastrous end. So let’s discuss how to give space to a Ukrainian woman you’re in a romantic relationship with.

How to give her space

When you start a new relationship you feel like immersing your whole self in love and affection. Everything is exciting for you, and you have lots of hopes for a happy future together. However, you don’t know much about your girlfriend yet. You don’t know her possibilities and limitations when it comes to romantic relationship.

People require their own personal space, even when they are in a relationship and there are various commitments between the two of them. Your love shouldn’t feel suffocating. And if you feel that situation gets out of control and you start stepping on your girlfriend’s toes, immediately make a step back. You need to learn to give her space she requires. Here are some useful tips on how to give space to a Ukraine girl for marriage without losing her.

Don’t insist on spending all her free time with you

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Online dating is rather tough, it’s true. You are thousands miles away from a woman you love. You feel that the only way to keep the fire burning is to talk to her as much as possible. There lots of communications tools on dating sites, and you keep writing emails to her, talk to her via various messengers, text her, Skype her and so on.

But a person just can’t spend every single minute she has talking to you. She has life of her own with different commitments, hobbies, interests, friends and acquaintances. She doesn’t have to dedicate her vey existence to you. There are other aspects to her personality, and there are other people in her life. This is pretty self-obvious, but when you are love blind you may lose the ability of seeing things clearly.

Don’t ask for countless confirmations of love

Her sweet and loving words sound like music to your ear, but it’s strongly recommended to stop requesting her to say them again and again. It may feel frustrating and irritating when a person is asked to repeat “I love you” over and over again.

Respect her individuality

Imposing your own views on your girlfriend is a big no- no. She is a person with a functioning brain, curious mind and a set of beliefs and trouble. She managed to win your heart by being interesting, original and unique. Don’t try to take this uniqueness away from her. She’ll lose her charm if you turn her into a duplicate of yourself. Even if her opinion is different for yours, just let it be. Accepting one’s partner as they are is the best option. Your girlfriend is bound to appreciate that.

Practice a common hobby together

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There are plenty of opportunities for a couple to spend time online. If you feel there is tension in your relationship and you still want to spend a lot of time together, try practicing something fun together. What about computer games, for example? If both you and the Ukraine girl for marriage are fond of a particular game that allows to play together online, do that by all means. Or perhaps you’d like to learn a new language, so in the future both of you travel to a particular destination and use your language skills. The possibilities are virtually endless. So make sure to explore them.

Benefits of giving her personal space

A successful romantic relationship is always based upon mutual trust, understanding, respect and affection. When one person becomes controlling and overbearing, there is no place for anything good between the two people, and relationship is becoming increasingly toxic. You should understand the outcomes of your actions. If you think a good psychologist may help you sort out your thoughts and feelings, accept their help by all means.

Perhaps you just can’t envision what it’s like to give someone space and “lose control” over the situation. One thing to keep in mind is that a relationship that requires control is not going to survive anyway. And even if you manage to keep it going, it will be the unhealthiest setup. So stop behaving like a control freak, and this is what you are going to be rewarded with

You girlfriend will know that you truly love her

The majority of real Ukrainian girls for marriage are very clever and observant. She will definitely notice a positive change in your behaviour and appreciate that. She will know that you’re making an effort for the sake of your relationship, for the sake of your future together. It means that you really value having her in your life and wouldn’t like to lose her, and it’s the only right thing to do.

Your partner is a grown up person with her own opinions, likes and dislikes, and ways of doing things. It’s almost impossible to change an adult person. You accept them with all the advantages and shortcomings, and try to get adapted to each other. Control will only bring up and urge to hide something from a partner, to rebel against this kind f treatment.

You’ll have a lot of free time

Stalking on your girlfriend, checking her social media channels, thinking what she might be doing at the moment and calling her countless times take a lot of your time. This time could have been used more productively. Use it for your own self-improvement and personal growth – this will ensure you’re always interesting for your Ukraine girl for marriage.

A gloomy and grumpy man who blames her all the time is one of the biggest turn offs. An interesting personality who constantly challenges her mind and makes her laugh is a blessing. So which one of these two would you like to be? In your free time, you can practice a hobby, develop your business, and meet your family and friends.

You’ll know her true attitude to you

Sometimes it’s hard for a woman to get out of toxic relationship. You control her, and she allows you to do that. Once you stop controlling her, she’s free to do whatever she wants. If it’s her wish to break up with you, to limit the time you spend together, or maybe to stop the whole online dating scene entirely, it’s up to her.

At least you’ll know what is really in her mind. Perhaps it will be a painful experience, but also an eye-opening one. On the other hand, if she truly values you as a person, she’ll flourish under a better treatment. She’ll do everything to contribute to this relationship and make it stronger and more rewarding.

To sum it all up, the importance of personal space in an international romantic relationship is not to be underestimated. Perhaps it will sound a bit childish, but treat your Ukraine girl for marriage the way you’d like to be treated – it actually works!

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