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If you’re going to have a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman, you may wonder what you should talk about when dating her. The mentality of Eastern European women is a bit different from that of Canadian, Australian and American women. Besides, you’ll have to deal with a language barrier if their English is not sufficient to hold a deep conversation. Culture clashes are not excluded when dating a Slavic girl, too. Other than that, a Ukrainian date is no different than a date anywhere else in the world.

You spend time with a girl you like and discuss different subjects in order to know her better. You enjoy the company of each other. You visit interesting places and engage in fascinating activities. As for topics for conversation, here are a few suggestions you can make use of:

Hobbies and interests

Having similar interests with a potential partner is extremely important. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should practice the same hobby, but there are should be subjects both of you feel excited about. Ask your Ukrainian date what she likes to do when she has some free time.

Is she an artistic person who likes painting, sculpting, sketching or embroidering? Or perhaps she’s interested in music? If it’s so, ask her whether she plays any musical instruments? Does she like a particular kind of books and movies? What about sports – group games like basketball and handball or individual activities like jogging?

Make sure to show your interest in her hobbies and tell her about yours. It’s a wonderful subject to talk about with a woman you date – it’s highly unlikely you’ll have to deal with awkward silence if both of you will talk about things you’re passionate about.

Beautiful Ukrainian women for dating and marriage

Philosophical discussions

If you enjoy deep philosophical discussions, go for them on a Ukrainian date by all means.

Eastern European women are intelligent and brilliantly educated, and lots of them would be happy to talk about meaning of life, true happiness in the age of technologies, origins of human morality, importance of free speech or possibilities of time travel in the future.

If you feel that conversations like this will easily bore her, no need to discuss anything in detail – it would be sufficient to express your opinion and ask her what she thinks of a particular subject.

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Family relations

It’s no secret that Ukrainian women are extremely family oriented. Family is above all for the majority of them, and they will gladly discuss their relationships with parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins. They will also be happy to know more about your family, so make sure you have a story or two. Make sure to ask her about her childhood and people who influenced her as a kid.

You can also make out what sort of mother and wife she’s going to make from the way she talks about her parents, their relationship in marriage and the way they brought up their kids.

Does she approve of traditional family values or her views on marriage and gender roles are more progressive? How many children would she like to have? Which family member is her role model in life? These are all very good questions to ask when going on a Ukrainian date.

Social interactions

If you’d like to get to know her better, ask her about her friends. Tell me who’s your friend and I’ll tell you who you are – this statement still holds true in the modern age of today. Ask her how she spends her evenings and weekends. Would she rather spend a day with her friends or with a good book in the comfort of her home?

Is she friendly and sociable or shy and introverted? Tell her about your friends as well. If everything works out between the two of you, one day you’ll have to introduce her to your friends and they will become part of her social circle as well, so the earlier she knows about them the better. Discuss the importance of friendship with her and see whether you have similar views on the subject.

Dating a beautiful girl in Ukraine – things to talk about

Ukrainian history, art and literature

A lot of Ukrainian people are rather patriotic, and talking about the local history, art and literature makes them happy and proud. A woman you like will be glad to share her likes when it comes to achievements of Ukrainian poets, artists, actors, sportsmen and national heroes. It would be wonderful if you could read a couple of Ukrainian short stories or learn about crucial points in the country’s history before going on a date.

Learning several words in Ukrainian would also help. In eastern and southern regions they speak predominantly Russian, but in the west people are exceedingly proud of their mother tongue. Beautiful Ukrainian ladies from Lviv or Ivano-Frankovsk will definitely appreciate your efforts.

Plans for the future

Discussing plans for the future will give you a clear idea of the chances of being together with a person. Ask your Ukrainian date where she sees herself in five or even ten years. IS she serious about starting a family and brining up kids? Would she like to be a housewife or pursue her career? Is she planning to move to another country or stay in Ukraine? Is she ambitious and decisive or prefers to go with the flow?

Asking her about her plans for the future is like asking about her dreams, in a way. You’ll be able to make out whether a person is idealistic by nature or she’s more after material possessions. Tell her about your own plans for the future and see whether she approves of them.

Ukrainian date subjects for discussion to hold her interest

Jokes and funny stories

If you don’t feel like talking about anything serious, make your Ukrainian date laugh by telling her a funny story. They say if you make a woman laugh you’re halfway there, and it stands true with a Ukrainian lady. Most Eastern European women seem distant and serious at first, but they are actually rather light hearted and always ready to smile. They appreciate a good joke.

If you browse through Ukrainian women’s profiles on a dating site, you’ll see that sense of humour is one of their top requirements for a potential partner. So tell her anecdotes and funny stories, by all means. But you shouldn’t overdo things either – no one wants to date a clown, you know.

Jobs and professional achievements

A woman’s career choice will tell you a lot about the kind of person she is. Needless to say, lots of Ukrainian women are forced to do the jobs they don’t enjoy, considering the challenging economic condition in the country. If this is the case with a woman you date, ask her about her dream job.

Would she choose her career over her family? Is she altruistic by nature or doing a job is merely a way of making her living? How far is she ready to go in order to get promoted? Make sure to tell her about your occupation.

Your chances with a Ukrainian woman will skyrocket if you have a steady, well-paid job. It doesn’t mean she’s materialistic, she just care about financial stability of her future family in case you decide to get married.


If you have a pet, it’s important to discuss it with your girlfriend. There are women who wouldn’t tolerate a cat, dog or even a turtle in the house they life in. In that case you’d better start searching for your happiness elsewhere. It’s rather discouraging to start a relationship with a person and discover they won’t accept your dog when things are already serious between the two of you. If your Ukrainian date approves of pets, tell her about your kitty, puppy, tank fish or hamster, share some funny stories about them and show her pictures and videos.

Favourite cuisine

Your date’s preferences in food are also a great subject to discuss. Most probably she’s fond of her native Ukrainian cuisine, and for good reason – it’s impossible to stay indifferent when tasting all those delicacies. Varenyky, mlyntsi and holubtsi are sure to please your taste buds. Visit a few cafes and restaurants in her home town and let her recommend you the most delicious and nutritious treats. If you get a wife from Ukraine, these are the foods you’ll eat on a regular basis.

Needless to say, there are many more subjects to discuss on a Ukrainian date, but these were just a few suggestions to help you out.

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