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Genetics have proven that Ukrainians and Russians are not “fraternal peoples.” Ukrainians and Russians differ even genetically. A group of international scientists and experts in the field of genetics conducted a large-scale genetic study of the DNA of residents of all Ukraine in a German laboratory. The results of the study indicate significant differences between Ukrainians and Russians.

Genetic differences between Russian and Ukrainian women

According to the results of research on DNA samples of Ukrainians, the main priority area of the historical development of the Ukrainian ethnos (nation) was identified.

The concentration of the haplogroup of chromosomes, which scientists identify as inherited from the orii, was found in 53% of the studied Ukrainians (this gene is also found in other European nations, but its rate is low). At that time, when the Oryev people lived in the territory of modern Ukraine, the average annual temperature dropped sharply by many degrees, which led to a severe cooling and seriously affected the human population.

As a result, only people survived who possessed the “milk tolerance” gene – that is, they are able to drink and digest milk. Most adults cannot consume milk, such as Africans and Asians. Genetics concluded that in Europe there were two places where people could take refuge from the cold: Ukraine and the Iberian Peninsula. The territory of modern Russia at that time was covered with ice and there was no human life on it. The results of the studies gave scientists the basis to make the following conclusion.

“Ukrainians are the ancestors (ancestors of Europeans, and the territory of modern Ukraine is the cradle of the white race of modern civilization.” “Russians have a very small haplogroup of chromosomes inherited from the Oryans and Trypillians compared to Ukrainians.” This indicates that Ukrainians and Russians are different ethnic groups and is not genetically “native” – “fraternal peoples,” the study says.

Russian and Ukrainian women are not very similar in hospitality

Character differences

You just need to start with the fact that Ukrainians are different. Women from Eastern Ukraine are practically no different from Russian women. They always know Russian and treat Russians of any gender with understanding and friendliness.

Russian and Ukrainian women hospitality

In the West of Ukraine, women are not hospitable (towards Russians). Perhaps they speak Russian, but fundamentally do not speak Russian. Even when they hear Russian, they contemptuously purse their lips, or they may not answer the question asked in Russian at all. This could be seen not just on the street, but also in a store, for example. The Ukrainians themselves from Western Ukraine are rude, linguists (spiteful), arrogant, malicious, conflicting, and sometimes frankly reckless (my private opinion).

Sense of humor

Russian and Ukrainian women are distinguished by a sense of humor – it is incomparable in Ukrainian. They are sharp on the tongue, mocking. If they give a nickname – how to print it. Precisely and mercilessly. They are more relaxed and independent. Russians are more serious.

Of course, every Ukrainian and Russian women are individual; judging by several representatives of one or another people is at least presumptuous. Yes, and just stupid. However, such an impression has developed traditionally.

What kind of housewives they are

Russian and Ukrainian women are not very similar. There are differences. They do not apply to all women; they apply to the majority. Forgive me Russian women, but Ukrainians are hardworking, more hospitable. If the Ukrainian sets a festive table, it will be a chic table. It will be dominated by home-made dishes.

Ukrainians are good housewives. The house at the Ukrainian is in order both the garden and the vegetable garden. Looking forward to comments. Look at the villages of Ukrainian and Russian. You will see the difference yourself.

Differences in the national characters of Russian and Ukrainian women are confirmed

Determination of Russian and Ukrainian women

Ukrainians expect less help from the state, uncle and someone else. They solve their problems themselves. Those who trust in the state also exist, but their minority. There are many worthy Russian women, there are disgusting women among the Ukrainian population. A Ukrainian woman knows the Russian language, and a Russian woman will often say that she does not understand the Ukrainian language and Belarusian, too, despite the fact that the languages ​​are very similar.

Ukraine is one of the leading regions in the selection of models. “As a result of blood mixing, for example, during the Turkish conquests, a unique beauty was born,” make-up artists say. – Being at the junction of Europe and Asia, Ukraine was subjected to seizures from the most diverse nations. Here the blood of Slavic peoples, Persians, Mongols, Turks and many others is mixed. Particularly beautiful was the combination of dark hair and blue eyes. “

However, not only the external beauty of Ukrainians attracts men. Many Western men believe that in Russia, there are also many beautiful girls, but they differ in some kind of coldness. Ukrainian girls leave a good impression with their calm and sociability. Apparently, a mild climate, low population density affect the non-aggressive nature of people. Many Ukrainian women put family in the first place, and Russian women put their careers in the first place.

Communication with Russian and Ukrainian girls

Communication with Russian and Ukrainian women is different. With them one does not have to pose as super-smart, one does not need superficial pathos. Ease of communication is the main thing. There is even some familiarity, when sellers perceive you as a neighbor, and therefore, as their own, native. By the way, relationships with neighbors are a separate issue. Going to visit each other, sharing cooked sweets is the norm for hospitable Ukrainians.

However, it is important not to forget that there are also your own circles. There is a distant circle – acquaintances with whom the Ukrainians are friendly, like to talk and chat, but there is also a close circle – it is small. Ukrainians generally like to communicate in small groups. Moreover, to get into this circle, you need to try.

Communicating with Ukrainians, you notice that they are more emotional than Russians are, especially Central Russia are. The division of the world into “black” and “white” characterizes them. What distinguishes Ukrainians is the ability to relate with humor to their failures or to something bad in general. Ukraine is going through difficult times in its history, but continues to perceive what is happening as a necessary stage of growing up. This is a matter of respect.

Divorce statistics of Russian and Ukrainian marriages

Differences in the national characters of Russian and Ukrainian women are confirmed by the statistics of divorces. In Russia, annual statistics show 5-6% less divorces than in Ukraine.

The high level of divorces in Russia and Ukraine is due, first, to material and housing problems and to her husband’s drunkenness and unemployment, with which Russians are ready to put up more than Ukrainians.

As for faithfulness in marriage, there are also differences between the marriages of Russian and Ukrainian women. If the husband usually accuses the Russians of treason, then among Ukrainians the shares of the perpetrators are divided approximately equally between the spouses).

This, of course, confirms the more “hot” temperament of Ukrainians, and their freer, “matriarchal” views. If a Russian woman is more ready for sacrifice, t in the first place she most often has the preservation of the family, and not her own interests, then for Ukrainians everything is the opposite. She will never be ready for sacrifice.

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