Where should you meet hot women: Facebook or Ukrainian dating site?

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There are a lot of ways to meet women in the modern world, and a great many of them are online – there’s Tinder, and a host of Tinder clones. There’s even Craigslist, at a pinch. And many of these are free to use. And now there’s Facebook, which even has a dating app. And then there are Ukrainian dating sites, which are paid. So why would anyone use a Ukrainian dating site, rather than Facebook, which is, as we mentioned, free? After all, if you’re tired of loneliness and would like to meet hot women, Facebook is always there.

Beautiful Ukrainian women on Facebook and dating sites

Facebook dating app is geared towards the local use

It’s really a question of getting what one wants. A person looking for a partner online is looking for a wonderful encounter, some lovely conversation, and possibly a stable long-term relationship. A meaningful relationship with someone special. Finding that on Facebook – or even Tinder – is increasingly difficult, for one simple reason. Facebook and other apps of the sort find possible matches for you locally, not on a global scale.

They assume – often incorrectly – that a person is only interested in finding someone in their local neighbourhood. What they don’t realize is that if a person wanted to find a partner locally, they don’t need to use their apps – they could just step outside their door, to the local bar or pub or ‘meeting spot’ for couples, and they’d be able to hook up in an hour or two.

But what if a man wants to find someone truly special? A woman who is just right for him? Then, perhaps, finding someone locally is just not good enough. That is where Ukrainian dating sites truly shine.

Ukrainian dating sites work internationally

The first thing in favour of Ukrainian dating sites is… they actually know what they’re doing.

They are organizations dedicated to bringing wonderful women together with wonderful men – they know how to match personalities and how to help people connect on a very personal level.

They are, in fact, high experienced and highly professional organizations with a long record of helping to create successful and long-lasting relationships and marriages.

Compare this to apps like Facebook, which don’t really seem to know what they’re doing. You go through hordes of profiles with hardly anything in them to set them apart – yes, there are a lot of pictures of hot women, Facebook will give you no sense of personality though. You will then spend hours going through these depressingly similar profiles – and those are precious hours that you have simply wasted.

Hot Ukrainian women for online dating with foreign men

And the responses are so superficial. Hordes of strangers, saying, ‘Hi,’ or ‘How are you?’ or, ‘What are you doing right now?’ – and the conversation never seems to soar very much beyond that. It is disappointing, superficial, and what is worse, goes nowhere. How can it, if conversations remain superficial, and you never get to know a person as a person?

Compare that with one’s experiences on Ukrainian dating sites, where people write thoughtful letters to each other, into which they put their hopes and dreams; where people get to know each other through meaningful conversations over Skype or the phone, where each partner prepares little packages and parcels to brighten the day of the person they care for.

And when a couple actually meet, they already know each other so well, understand each other so well, and care for each other so well, that a successful and long-lasting, stable relationship is virtually a foregone conclusion. Do you expect anything like this when looking through hot women Facebook profiles?

Ukrainian dating sites boast a great target audience

Are Ukrainian women really better than women in western countries? Well, possibly, at least from the point of view of the western man. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Ukrainian women are brilliantly educated, but will always value family, their husbands and their children, over any career. Ukrainian women are idealistic, and love the idea of a relationship with a man that lasts a lifetime.
  • Ukrainian women also have a very stable psychological makeup, and that results in a wonderful, warm, positive home life. Compare that with a good percentage of western women, who are so driven by their careers that their children – if any – languish in day care centres.

Compare that with a good percentage of western women, who are willing to dump a man at the first signs of friction in a relationship. And finally, compare that warm, stable home life with the kind of co-existence one can expect from a not-very-stable personality. Tantrums. Demands. Selfishness.

Of course Ukrainian women are superior. And we haven’t even touched the physical yet, those high cheekbones that give them an air of such sophistication; those lovely eyes that a man could simply lose himself in.

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Possibilities on Facebook vs on a trusted Ukrainian site

So, how does that impact our discussion about whether it is better to try to find a partner on Ukrainian dating sites or hot women Facebook profiles? Well, it’s rather obvious. Facebook operates pretty locally – find a partner on it, and you get a bratty local woman who’s demanding, selfish, cares more for her career than she does for you, and who will drop you at the first storm cloud on the horizon. And who may be slightly overweight to boot.

Hot girls from Eastern Europe on dating sites and Facebook app

Find a partner on a Ukrainian dating site, and you get a wonderfully beautiful and highly educated and sophisticated woman, who is genuinely devoted to you – if you make an effort to deserve it, of course. A woman who is emotionally stable and dedicated to her family, someone who will help you to build a warm, positive home environment and with whom you can create a perfect and loving family.

Ukrainian dating sites as opposed to Facebook? There’s really no comparison. Ukrainian dating sites win hands down. There are plenty of websites on the internet where you can find profiles of Ukrainian ladies online who are genuinely interested in romance and marriage with a foreign man. The majority of them are reputable and trustworthy, so you shouldn’t reject them out of fear of being scammed. All you need to do is avoid pay-per-letter sites and go for paid memberships instead.

You get what you see on Ukrainian dating sites

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, on Ukrainian dating sites, what you see is what you get. Profiles are carefully crafted to be accurate, and to truly represent the person herself – you look at a profile, and you get a good idea of a person’s personality, their views and their interests. This means that you’re off to a head start when you actually contact them – you know what they’re like, and things only get better from that point onwards.

If you’re focused on searching clever, beautiful and hot women, Facebook will give you the opposite experience. Since one never really gets a ‘feel’ for a person’s personality, when you make contact – or even meet up – one comes up against a ‘random’ person that may be completely and utterly unlike oneself, with whom one has nothing in common.

Worse, people approach such Facebook ‘relationships’ very casually, which means that you may approach a woman, chat with her online, spend hours of time on her, only to find that she stands you up when you decide to meet. Or even ignores you completely after a few days of conversation. Casual. Uncommitted. That’s the word that best defines such encounters.

Some final words

So, should you choose a Ukrainian dating site or Facebook when you’re trying to find the woman of your dreams? That’s an easy enough question to answer – do you truly want to find the woman of your dreams, in which case you should opt for a Ukrainian dating site, or do you want to keep on dreaming, in which case, of course, you can opt for Facebook.

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