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We are a team of dating experts who introduces to your attention this blog dedicated to all dating issues, family issues, short-term and long-term relationships.

If you ever had a question, request, or a problem regarding Slavic dating, Ukrainian dating, or international dating, you’re welcome to find your answers here on our site.

Our job is to encourage people of all ages to learn more about other cultures as well as harmonious relationships and our own basic needs within the relationship.

People in general aren’t well-educated in area of dating and marriage. They either follow the tradition or make their own rebellious way, but the truth is in a middle.

Some are searching for the truth on various seminars and workshops but attending them demands a lot of time and money. While all our articles with essential tutorials and recommendations are completely free.

Our materials are useful for local hook-ups, romantic vacations, summer flings, improving your sexual life with your stable partner, learning about your personal wishes and desires, healing moral and emotional traumas, strengthening your relationship and re-building your marriage.

We focus on a positive perception of the world and family matters. So many negative situations happen every year, same difficulties with different people, and not everyone can go to a private psychologist. It’s expensive, and you should be very frank with a stranger. While blogs are helping you mildly and effectively at the same time. Moreover: they are free!

In our team, we gathered people who really care about the others, who dedicated their professional lives to their audience’s happy families and healthy, bright, full-fledged sex. Therefore, you can be sure you are in good hands and you will find exactly the information you need.

Self-respect, respect towards the others, and creating favourable situations for yourself and your environment are our main principles. Both singles and married people can feel the loneliness but we teach how to get rid of this torturing condition.

Many pickup tutorials and marriage tips are available recently but not all of them really work. We are absolutely sure about the ones we provide, since hundreds of people already thanked us for our informational assistance and shared their success stories with Ukrainian partners and partners of other nationalities. We rely on those responses and believe our help is crucial nowadays indeed.

That’s why we motivate you to get acquainted with some of our materials right now, for a kickstart. Later you can make a profound search that responds to your special needs and favourite topics.

We are always open for a cooperation with young authors who are able to demonstrate their dating experience, writing experience, talents, and devotion to make the audience happier.