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Online dating is becoming increasingly popular, and people from all over the world are no longer has to limit their searches in terms of geographical location. Ukrainian women are known for their beauty and intellect, which makes them a desirable wife material for a westerner. Men form The USA, Australia, Canada and Western Europe flock to Ukraine in order to meet a woman of their dreams – someone with traditional family values, intelligence, charm and beauty. But before they actually make a trip the majority of them spend weeks or months in a long distance relationship with women they found via dating sites. Simply put, they Skype women and talk online.

In spite of all the difficulties involved, a long distance relationship can be a very charming period of your love story. However, both you and your woman should make efforts in order to keep the fire burning. The first thing to do is try to diversify your communication. Don’t stick to writing long mails once a week, or chatting via an instant messenger. Call her, send her SMS, write snail mail letters, order a flower delivery service, and surprise her with little gifts. Also, you should use Skype for video calls.

Beautiful Ukrainian ladies dating online on Skype

Skype helps you eliminate scammers

If you found a Ukrainian woman you like on a trustworthy international dating site, there is very little chance she’ll turned out to be a scammer. However, there are plenty of free dating services which are actually hubs for all sorts of scammers and fraudsters. They may fabricate a profile with stolen photos and hire a paid copywriter to correspond with you. To make sure you’re writing to a person on the photos, invite them for a Skype video call. There is no reason why a genuine woman would refuse to chat with you in front of the webcam.

The Skype app comes for free, and if she is serious about your relationship, she’s going to meet you face to face anyway. However, if a woman repeatedly refuses to talk to you on Skype, making one excuse or another, most probably you’re dealing with a scammer.

 The earlier you stop this relationship the better. If a woman absolutely refuses to have a video chat on Skype, you’d better search for someone special elsewhere.

It brings an element of “real life” into online dating

When you Skype women, you can actually see them, and this is as close to real life communication as it could be. You can observe her facial expressions, see her smile, gestures, body language. She can show you her home and even introduce you to her family and friends. And you can do the same for her.

Skype allows a couple to learn volumes about each other in a long distance relationship, so this option by no means should be neglected. Skype is especially helpful when hopping on a plane and arriving at your Ukrainian girlfriend’s city is not an option. If you can’t plan a trip due to financial issues, lack of leaves at work or some other reason, having regular video calls is a life saver in a long distance relationship.

You can set up a perfect date

When you Skype women, it allows you to set up a perfect date without being physically close. Of you can dress up nicely, cook the same meal, bring flowers and candles, and enjoy talking to each other in the most romantic surrounding. When you are in a long distance relationship, a Skype date actually falls into category of doing something special together. Record your date or take lots of pictures – both of you are going to treasure these memories for years to come. Ask her about her idea of setting up a perfect date and try to make it as close to that as possible via Skype.

Tips on making a good first impression via Skype

If you don’t Skype women on a regular basis, perhaps you feel a bit hesitant or uncertain before your first time. Here are some tips that will help you turn your first Skype sessions into a wonderful success:

Make sure to dress for the date

Whether on computer screen or in person, dressing up nicely is a must.

Think of what you would wear in real life when going for a date and wear the same outfit for a video chat. This will make you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence.

Also, it’s a sign of respect for the Ukrainian woman you’re going to talk to – she’ll appreciate the trouble you took in order to look presentable. If you talk to her on Skype wearing old pyjamas or a shapeless t-shirt and pants, she may find it inappropriate. And she’ll be absolutely right. If you look good, the best part of your personality is likely to shine through.

Ukrainian women dating on Skype

Think about a conversation you’re going to have well in advance

Thinking about conversation well in advance will help you avoid awkward silence during the date. OF course, it’s impossible to predict where your conversation may go, but it’s useful to have a list of possible subjects and questions just in case you’ll run out of the ideas. No need to be too wordy though. Don’t tell a person your whole life story, especially if it’s someone you met not so long ago. Just stick to the points and you’ll never be sidetracked during or Skype date. Talking of all sorts of things on video chat is a wonderful way to spend time with a Ukrainian girl.

Make sure she can hear you

Technical side of the matter when you Skype women is extremely important, too. If she can’t hear you properly, it may ruin the whole experience. Keep in mind that her English may not be very advanced – after all, it’s not one of the spoken languages in Ukraine. So she’ll need to hear your words very clearly. It’s not a good idea to set up a Skype date in a crowded place, like cafes and city squares, for example. It’s so distracting to see people walking up and down, and hear the music or someone else’s conversations and laughter. There shouldn’t be any background noises when dating on a video call. Visually static place is a must, too. The best option is to set up a date in your own room. Make sure it’s tidy though!

Setting u p a perfect Skype date with a Ukrainian woman

Remember to smile and look at the camera

Smile is the best ice-breaker when you Skype women. Ukrainian girls like kind-hearted, smiling men who don’t look threatening or extra grim. Make sure to look friendly and shoe off with your best smiles. Also, it’s important to look at the camera. You may be tempted to look at the woman on your screen all the time, but if you want to appear to her as if you want to simulate a kind of eye contact, it’s important to look at the camera from time to time. If you feel uncomfortable, perhaps you should practice doing so when talking on Skype to family and friends.

Don’t keep your expectations too high

If the first Skype date is not what you expected, don’t lose heart – it almost never is. Things will get better over time as both of you become more experienced. Just keep trying and enjoy the company of each other. When you feel more comfortable in her presence, you’ll talk about all sorts of things, joke and laugh. Over time, talking to her on Skype may become your favourite thing to do. It’s important to have personal traditions in a long distance relationship, so why don’t you make Skype dates one of yours. One or two sessions a week will help you keep the fire burning, especially if you can’t make a trip to Ukraine at the drop of a hat.

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These are only some tips on how to Skype women in a long-distance relationship. It’s important to remember though that each person is different and everyone experience is different, too. Feel free to improvise and do what you think your virtual Ukrainian girlfriend will like. If she is an adventurous person who loves travelling and exploring new places, set up a Skype date in the middle of the city square, by all means. The most important is to show her that you’re genuinely interested in making your relationship a great success. And she’ll do the same for you, there is no doubt about that!

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