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Today, no one is surprised by the fact that some young men enter into relationships with Mature women. Sometimes the age difference is so great that the guy is literally fit for a lady as a son. Everyone has a different attitude to this situation. Some consider a woman to be promiscuous if she has an affair with a younger guy. Others admire the act of a man who dared an age-unequal marriage. Statistics also says an amazing fact: families in which the husband is younger than his wife, more friendly and prosperous than

Most of all, this situation worries mothers whose sons meet with Mature women. Many find it difficult to accept the fact that the choice of young men — not a fad. It was made for love. And no matter what the difference between the bride and groom in ten years.

In life you can find many examples that prove that the age difference does not affect love. Such relations are treated calmly in the modern world. And if you personally resent stories about unequal unions, try to understand why. Having understood the reasons for this rejection, you can look at this situation differently.

And that was before

Looking into history, we can see that at all times in different social strata there were unions in which there was a fairly young husband and wife older than him for several years. Such facts are easily discovered by studying the biographies of Royal dynasties. But such cases were rare. Modern society is not surprised by unequal marriages. In an era of total change, they have become commonplace.

Now young people consider strange the question of the age difference. How can it make any difference? And although the families in which the wife is older, and the husband is younger, not so much, it is noticed that the current men quite calmly enter into marriages with women of advanced age.

The generation of people who have crossed the 50-year mark does not accept this trend. The older the person, the more categorical his position in this matter. As already mentioned, mothers whose sons meet with Mature women are particularly sensitive. From the “elderly” daughter-in-law trying to get rid of different ways. Someone describes in detail how the wife in a year or two will finally grow old, someone uses threats and blackmail.

The reasons for the negative attitude to such a Union

Not so long ago couples in which the young husband and, so to speak, “old” wife, were condemned. Physiology explains everything. If a woman is young, she is much more likely to give birth to healthy offspring. The older the body, the more difficult it will be to bear the fetus, and after birth to raise a child.

In the XXI century the attitude to motherhood has become different. It is no longer perceived as something complex and time-consuming. The development of medicine has allowed women to delay their pregnancy. There are things that greatly facilitate the care of the child: disposable diapers, ready-made food, various devices for kids, a variety of toys. Moreover, the education of children can be entrusted to a nanny. Being a mother in the modern world has become comfortable and pleasant.

And yet finally cope with stereotypes prevents us survival instinct inherent in nature. We habitually feel a kind of rejection, meeting a couple in which the husband is younger than his wife for 10 years or more. Changing your misconceptions is a difficult psychological task. But if you overcome false beliefs, you start to look at the situation from a different angle.

And as live couples in the West

In the West, people easily adopt new values, so quickly abandon outdated ideas. The population of Eastern countries, on the contrary, tend to adhere to traditional views. Here stereotypes are more difficult to destroy.

It can be assumed that the Russian, thanks to his open soul, should be sympathetic to the unequal age of marriage. You only need to learn to feel and others and assess the situation from the point of view of the mind. The result is an understanding that the most important thing in the family is love, harmony, emotional intimacy, and not physiological indicators. Only those parents whose relationships are initially based on deep feelings will be able to raise children well. And age and other parameters have nothing to do with it.

Why Mature women drawn to young men

American Susan winter has often had Affairs with very young men. In collaboration with Felicia Brings, she wrote the book “Mature woman and young man: new opportunities in relationships and love.” In it, women talk about the misconceptions about marriage, in which the husband is younger than his wife, and give advice on how to overcome the difficulties arising in such families.

More than two hundred couples took part in researches of authors. The age difference between the spouses was from 8 years. During the conversation, people were asked various questions about the biography of their relationship and the difficulties they faced during their life together. Women were asked why they preferred men younger than themselves. Someone was talking about the ease of communication, someone captured the youthful enthusiasm of the groom. But the most popular reason was the desire to become more active. Next to the young husband, such a woman feels welcome and as if re-blossoms. She begins to take more care of herself, develops, changes her lifestyle.

What lies ahead in such an Alliance

The attraction of Mature women to young men can be easily understood if we turn to human nature. The reality is that the man in 25 and his 40-year-old companion have roughly the same sexual appetites. But the age women sexual activity at this age is on the wane. Of course, the complete extinction of the libido is out of the question, but the difference in temperament is already visible. A man after 40 gradually loses his sexual fuse, so the woman feels dissatisfied.

Sensual portrait of cute couple

In a young guy, a woman is attracted to his temperament, activity and compliance. Together they are quite capable of creating a harmonious and peaceful Union. Do not forget that over time, a woman, in principle, reduced the chances of marriage to a man of the same age or older.

Ability to thank a man

A Mature woman has a different attitude to the Union with a man. She is no longer frivolous, like a young girl, and will not give her partner false hope. Life experience taught her to appreciate the one who is near, to be grateful to him for the time spent together. Everything a lover does for her is important to a woman. Any manifestation of care does not go unnoticed. In addition, a more adult partner will not assert herself at the expense of her man.

Life and sexual experience

In a relationship with a young husband, a woman fully shows her worldly wisdom. It is easy to compromise if it understands that the clash of interests in the pair is inevitable. Make the right decisions Mature woman helps invaluable experience of previous relationships. She realistically looks at life and devoid of senseless fantasies about the future. Such a representative of the fair sex is not looking for an ideal companion, realizing that there are no princes. With it, you can easily create a strong family.

Sexually Mature ladies are very attractive. The lack of complexes and a wealth of experience drawn to him young men. Women aged take their body as a gift of nature, so in bed feel liberated and easily agree to experiments. In sex with such partners it is not necessary to miss. They know how to give her husband a real pleasure.

Ability to restrain emotions

A young girl due to age can not always control her reaction to the actions of a partner. Sometimes even one word can cause her emotional outburst. But, as you know, young people do not like hysterical women, so such relationships tend to get out. More Mature ladies will not make scandals because of innocent views on the side, for them their own nerves are more expensive. They are able to overcome the most serious crises with cold calmness and do not “load” the partner with their problems.

Multi-faceted personality

To communicate with an older woman is much more exciting than with a young one. It has a wide range of interests and a more developed taste. Such a lady will not waste her time on entertainment in a nightclub, will not get drunk to hell, and then all evening to recover in the toilet stall. She has more than a respectable leisure time, suitable to her in age and status.

It’s a pleasure to have a conversation with an adult partner. Husbands who are younger than their wives, chorus declare that going on dates with beautiful young girls — sometimes a real torment. We have to listen to useless chatter on the topic of popular TV shows or successful shopping during sales. The young lady does not even think to give a man the opportunity to speak. But, as you know, a pleasant dialogue can “make” a representative of the stronger sex faster than the appearance of the interlocutor.

Financial independence

A woman who knows how to earn a living, is respected by men. It is not necessary to blame the strong half of humanity in greed or commercialism. Men are just pragmatic. It is logical to assume that a Mature lady has already built her career and is financially independent. While her young competitor is still striving for success.

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